Marching Toward War

  • Period: to

    War unifies Germany

    Otto Von Bismark, Prussia's cancellor used war in behalf of unifying Germany
  • Period: to

    Franco-Prussian War

    France's loss over the territory of Aisace-Lorraine towards Germany triggered war
  • Period: to


    European powers start focusing their effords on strenghtening their army. In Britain they strenghtened their navy
  • Period: to

    Military Alliances

    European powers start creating military alliances among each other
  • Period: to

    Germany a "Satisfied Power"

    Otto Von Bismark declares Germany as satisfied in terms of territory, to which followed him foccusing his attentions in maintaining peace troughout Europe
  • Period: to

    Otto Von Bismark Prevents War

    Otto Von Bismark takes another step towards peace, it signs a treaty with Russia in which they agree to remain unallied to France
  • The Formation of The Triple Alliance

    4 years after the creation of the Dual Alliance, Italy decides to join the previously stablished one between Germany and Austria-Hungary
  • A New Ruler Rises in Germany

    Kaiser Wilhem II takes controll over Germany
  • Period: to

    Otto Von Bismark Resignation

    After Keiser Wilhem II took power over Germany, he forced Otto Von Bismark to resign his charge by removing it.
  • Period: to

    Broken Treaty

    Keiser Wilhem II broke the treaty before stablished between Germany and Russia
  • Period: to

    Russia strenghtens its army

    Russia answered to the breaking of the treaty with Germany by strenghtening its military army
  • Period: to

    Fédéric Passy

    In a nobel he wrote, he expresses his concern which a lot of the people from the time shared. This was about the powers preparing militarily for "massacring" one another
  • The Formation of The Dual Alliance

    An allience between Germany and Austria-Hungary was formed by Otto Von Bismark
  • Period: to

    The Balkans

    The Ottoman Empire was in a rapid decline, in crisis. The previous consisted on the fact that many regions were struggling to free themselves and others already had.
  • Period: to

    Triple Entente and Triple Alliance

    Two groups of European powers grow in tension divided and start preparing for war
  • Period: to

    Austria expands its borders

    Bosnia and herzegovina, two balkan territories with a large slavic population was annexed to Austria
  • The Formation of The Triple Entente

    After the breaking of the treaty between Russia and the Triple Allience, Great Britany, France and Russia join together
  • Period: to

    Strong Armies

    By 1914, all the European powers had a strong military army except for Britain
  • The Crown Murder

    Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie are murdered in a visit to Sarajevo by a member of "The Black-Hand" by shooting them.
  • Austria presents an Ultimatum to Serbia

    The Ultimatum included various demands to which Serbia agreed in part
  • Austria declares War

    After Austria denies de proposal from Serbia in regard to the ultimatum they declared war