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  • NAC Formed

    NAC Formed
    Nyasaland African Congress was formed. It included independent churches and native associations.
  • Commonwealth of Malawi Created

    Commonwealth of Malawi Created
    Nyasaland becomes the Commonwealth of Malawi, with Banda as the prime minister.
  • Nyasaland Allowed to Secede From Federation

    Nyasaland Allowed to Secede From Federation
    The British government allows Nyasaland (Malawi) to secede from the federation.
  • Rebels Attempt to Assassinate Banda

    Rebels Attempt to Assassinate Banda
    25 rebels posing as insurgents from Mozambique try killing Banda and his ministers.
  • Banda Faces Strong Opposition

    Banda Faces Strong Opposition
    Banda faces opposition from many different communities after alleged human rights abuses.
  • Voters Support Multiparty State

    Voters Support Multiparty State
    In a national poll, voters overwhelmingly supported a multiparty state.
  • Mutharika Becomes President

    Mutharika Becomes President
    Bingu Wa Mutharika is elected into the presidency.
  • Mutharika is Reelected

    Mutharika is Reelected
    After reaching the end of his first term, Mutharika is reelected.
  • Fall of Social Immunity

    Fall of Social Immunity
    AIDS had a large impact on food security after the fall of social immunity.
  • Mutharika Dies

    Mutharika Dies
    Mutharika dies, and Vice President Joyce Banda takes over.
  • Severe Drought

    Severe Drought
    Malawi faced a terrible drought affecting 2,800,000 people.
  • Legal Marriage Age Raised

    Legal Marriage Age Raised
    Amendment is signed raising the legal marriage age to eighteen.