Making of a Nation

By MacS
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    Making of a Nation

  • The First Fleet Arrives From England

    Between 1788 and 1850 the English sent over 162 000 convicts to Australia in 806 ships. The first eleven of these ships are today known as the first Fleet.
  • The Second Fleet Arrives From England

    The Second Fleet is the name of the Second Fleet of ships sent with settlers, convicts and supplies to colony at Sydney Cove in Port Jackson, Australia. The fleet comprised six ships: one Royal Navy escort, four convict ships, and a supply ship.
  • The Third Fleet Arrives From England

    The Third Fleet comprised 11 ships that set sail from united kingdom in February, March and April 1791, bound for the Sydney penal settlement, with more than 2,000 convicts aboad. The passengers comprised convicts, military personnel and notable people sent to fill high positions in the colony. More important for the fledgling colony was that the ships also carried provisions.
  • Crossed The Blue Mountains

    1813, Crossed the Blue Mountains-Wentworth, Lawson and Blaxland in 1813 opened up new pastoral lands to feed a growing population. To ease its own population pressures, the government of Britain introduced an assisted passage scheme to encourage people to emigrate to the Australian colonies.
  • South Australia Founded

    1836, South Australia founded-this was the only colony settled by free settlers rather than convicts, afters Charles Sturt's exploration to the mouth of the Murray River coastline.
  • Britain Extended Self Rule To Colonies

    1856, Britain extended self-rule to colonies-Most colonial parliaments enacted important democratic reforms such as full male suffrage, the secret ballot and pay for parliamentarians.
  • Van Diemen's Land Name Changed To Tasmania

  • (Vic) Male Suffrage Granted

    1857, (Vic) Male Suffrage granted-after colonies were granted self-rule, male suffrage was granted. Before this Australian colonies were governed by Britain without any say of their own.
  • The First Australian Football Game

    Australian Rules Football, Also known as Australian Football and known colloquially as Aussie rules, was first organised in Victoria in 1859 when its first rules were written by the Melbourne Football Club. By 1900 the game had become the most popular sport in Victoria.
  • The 'Ashes' are born

    1. Australia Cricket Team Defeats England and The 'Ashes' are Born-One of the world's greatest rivalries, the ashes were born out of a cricket test match competition between England and Australia since 1882.
  • Gold Was discovered at Southern Cross, Western Australia

    Southern Cross is a town in western Australia, 371 kilometres east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway. It was founded by Gold Prospectors in 1888, and gazetted in 1890. It is the major town and administrative centre of the Shire of Yilgarn. At the 2011 census, Southern Cross had a population of 762.
  • The Australian Labor Party Founded

    1888, The Australian Labor Party Founded-a new political party was established in 1891 to promote the interests of workers in the colonial parliaments. Among the early achievements of the Australian Labor Party were laws that extended the right to work an eight-hour day to most Australian workers.
  • The Great Strikes

    1891, The Great Strikes-Australian workers started to strike and formed picket lines at the lack of employment opportunities as well as the erosion of pay and conditions. These strikes showed trade unions that strike action alone could not guarantee improvements in working conditions.
  • Woman Granted Right To Vote

    1894, woman granted suffrage, which enabled them to vote and stand for election for the federal Parliament. This gave way to discrimination based on gender, opening up the rights for federal election in Australia.
  • Waltzing Matilda Was First Sung In Public, In Winton, Queensland

    'Waltzing Matilda' is Australia's most widely know bush ballad a folk song, the song has been referred to as 'the unofficial national anthem of Australia
  • Banjo Paterson Published The Man From Snowy River

    'The Man From Snowy River' is a poem by Australian bush poet Banjo Paterson. It was first published in bulletin, an Australian news magazine, on 26 April 1890.
  • WA Becomes The Last Colony To Accept Federation

    1900, WA Becomes The Last Colony To Accept Federation-successful referendums were carried out in WA in 1900. After this Australian Colonies were granted permission to federate and a formal separatilon from Britain.
  • Australian Federation

    1901, Australian Federation Britain grants permission for the Australian colonies to federate. All Australian colonies agree to come under the same governing body and federation occurs forming one nation. At this time they still have the original governing bodies that control their states, but they now have a federal body that responsible for matters concerning the whole nation.
  • The Australian Flag Raised For The First Time

    A New Design Flag is raised for the first time in Melbourne
  • The Royal Australian Navy Was Founded

    The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is the naval branch of the Australian Defence Force.
  • World War 1

    War is declaired between Britain and Germany and conflict lasted until 1919