making of a nation

  • crossed the blue mountains

    In 1813, Gregory Blaxland, William Charles Wentworth, and Lieutenant Lawson, along with four servants, four pack horses and five dogs, set off on an exploration which was to create history. On the 11th May 1813 the explorers departed from Emu Plains reaching the foothills of the Blue Mountains, or Glenbrook as it is known today.
  • south australia was founded

    on the 28th of December european settlers and Governor John Hindmarsh arrived at Port Lincon on the Buffalo
  • SA police force stablished

    In april 1838 the south australian police force was formed. It was taken over by the commonwealth in 1911 and it consisted of over 2800 police
  • male suffarage granted

    in the early 1800s only people who owned land was allowed to vote than they said military men could then by the mid-1800s they said only white men were allowed.
  • britian extended self rule to colonies

    when every other country made there very own colonies up and stuck by themselves instead of being all one colonie
  • William John Wills and Robert O'Hara Burke

    on this day William John Wills and Robert O'Hara Burke had died on an exibition to cross australia to the gulf of carpenteria the exibition started on the 20th of april until they died
  • ned kelly hung

    at 10 am ned kelly was hung because he took hostages to a hotel and it burnt and three
  • australia cricket team defeats england and the 'ashes' are born

    when the austrlian cricket team defeated englands team in the test match cmpetition thats when the 'ashes' were born
  • the australian labor party founded

    the australian labor party (ALP) it was founded in the first parliament election in 1901.
  • the great shearers strike

    queensland shearers went on strike in 1891. the shearers formed armed camps outside of towns
  • andrew 'banjo' paterson

    born 17th febuary 1864 and died on the 5th of february 1941
    he made a piece of poetry called wallis & matlida
  • womans right to vote

    queen victoria had given women an equal right to vote like the men and stand for election in the colonys house of assembly
  • WA becomes the last colony to accept federation

    when WA were in the middle of a gold rush people from around the country came for gold so they changed their minds about the federation and voted to join the commonwealth.
  • australia became a federation

    the commonwealth of australia was formed through six colonies through the british parliament
  • wright brothers (invented the plane)

    th wright brothers had made the first aircraft with a way to steer it so ithey could keep control of it in the air
  • australian flag

    the design of the australian flag has an british blue ensign with a bage of a magpie outstretched on a yellow disc
  • first free kindergarden

    the first free kindergarden had opened in adelaide in 1906
  • australian coat of arms

    the current coat of arms was granted by king George V as the second commonwealth coat of arm in a royal warrant

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assinated in late june 1914 by a serbian nationalist in sarajevo, bosnia

    WWI ended by the defeat of germany, austria-hungary and the ottoman empire more than 9 million soldiers were killed and 21 million more wounded