Main historical facts

  • 476

    Beginning of the middle ages

  • Period: 476 to 1450

    Profane music

    Any type of music without religious mode.
  • Period: 500 to 1400

    Polyphone music

    During the medieval period or the Middle Ages, is when musical notation began as well as the birth of polyphony when multiples sounds came together and formed separate melody and harmony lines.
  • 732

    Battle of Poitiers

    The Franks managed to stop the Muslim advance.
  • Period: 800 to 1400


    Social, political and economic system.
  • 1100

    Medieval music

  • 1200

    Gotic art

    Urban art characterized for the construction of big cathedrals.
  • 1212

    The Studium Generale of Palencia

    The emergence of general education in Castile was driven by the initiative of the monarch, based on the existence of the cathedral school.
  • Period: 1378 to 1445

    Lorenzo Ghiberti

    Lorenzo Ghiberti, born in Lorenzo di Bartolo, was an italian sculptor, goldsmith, architect and writer of Quattrocento art. He is known above all as the creator of the bronze doors of the Baptistery of Florence, called by Michelangelo the Door of Paradise
  • 1492

    Kingdom of Granada

    Finally in 1492 Queen Isabella I of Castile defeated the last Andalusian kingdom of Granada.
  • 1492

    End of the middle ages

    Fall of the Byzantine Empire and the discovery of America.