Maggie Saunders Technology Timeline

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    Maggie Saunders Technology Timeline

  • First Social Media Account

    First Social Media Account
    In 2009, I got to make my very own (monitored) Facebook account. I got to interact with friends and family and post photos and share photos with my friends. Even of most of them were farmville photos.
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  • My First Cell Phone

    My First Cell Phone
    I got my first cell phone when I was in the sixth grade. This was very monumental for me due to me now being able to communicate and text with friends and family in case of emergencies. This phone could only text and call.
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  • First iPhone

    First iPhone
    I got my first iPhone when I was 15 years old. I got this phone because I was about to begin driving and needed a more reliable way to contact family in case of emergency. This was my first phone with access to the internet.
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  • First Car with GPS

    First Car with GPS
    I got my first car in 2016. This car included a GPS system which I still use religiously to this day. I am horrible with directions and my GPS has saved me many times.
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  • College Online

    With the COVID-19 pandemic, I began using technology in ways I never had before. I began utilizing different video chatting services and websites in order to take my classes safely from home.