Lorena Cano Rebelles

  • Birth

    She was born on 4th of october in the hospital in Baza, but she was grown in Benamaurel because her family lived there.
  • Period: to


    She studied until 2022 in Benamaurel, but to do Bachillerato, she left to Baza.
  • A degree

    she started her degree in law
  • Wedding

    She was married on 8th of october in the church of Benamaurel and the feast was in a restaurant in Baza. It was the wedding of her dreams.
  • A murder

    she discovered a murder in her town and she suspected who had committed it.
  • The killer

    The police discovered that the killer was her husband. And he went to the prison.
  • Death

    When her husband got out of jail, he killled her because she testified against him in the trial.