Lord of flies cover

Lord of flies timeline

  • Ralph and piggy find a conch shell

    Ralph and piggy find a conch shell
    Ralph finds a conch shell, Piggy emphasizes on its value. Ralph blows in it and calls a big meeting, this is the first time all of the boys are together at the same time.
  • Plane crash lands on island

    Plane crash lands on island
    Boys ages 4-12 crash lands on an island. The only adult on the plane is killed on impact.
  • Ralph elected cheif

    Ralph elected cheif
    A democratic notion of voting decided that Ralph and not Jack was to be cheif. This is a foreshadowing mechanism to signify there would be more power struggles between the two in the future.
  • Period: to

    Lord of flies time line of de-evolution

  • mission

    Jack, Ralph and Simon go on a mission to find out about the island, wild life, vegistation.
  • Beast

    This is the first mention of the Beast. It is described as a large snake like being. The Little'un is the first to be afraid of what lurks in the unknown.
  • Fire on the Moutain

    Fire on the Moutain
    Ralph and PIggy initiate the idea of a signal fire. The top of the mountain is then cleared. The fire is started usuing the specs. Once the fire is started it catches a little too fast and burns part of the forest.
  • Sickness

    The boys are complaining of diahrea, This is caused from exotic fruits and not enought protein and fiber. The problem would be resolved by killing a pig.
  • Huts

    In order to recreate the life the boys had at home, Ralph and Piggy want to make huts to sleep in and protect them from storms. This is where the "teams" form. Sam, Eric, Simon, Ralph, PIggy and a handfull of little'uns. The others are on Jacks side. The only people interested in building them is Ralphs side.
  • Simon

    Near the end of Chapter 3, we find out that Simon is unlike the other boys with reasoning that he goes into the forest with purpose, Simon discovers his bower and likes to travel to and from at odd hours. (foreshawdowing)
  • Roughhousing

    Two little'uns are playing in the sand. Roger being a destructive preteen throws rocks at the little'uns. However there was a few feet where he wouldn't throw them. Thus sending the message that there was good inside him at the time.
  • Lights out/ pig dance

    Lights out/ pig dance
    Ralph ans Simon who are on the beach spot a ship in the distance. They look at the top of the mountain and they see no smoke, They freak out, and scurry to the top of the mountain. In desprate attemp to light a new one, Jack and his group come in carrying a pig and chanting victoriously. There was a power struggle between Ralph and Jack. (foreshawdowing)
  • Nightmares

    The little'uns's nightmares are increasing. They are the most suseptable to fear. They start to make the older boys think and question whether or not there is a beast.
  • Assembly

    Ralph calls an assembly near the night time and no one is extremely enthused. As leader Ralph lists off rules and orders to people in hopes to recreate civilization. A little one then suggests that the beast has come up from the water and can live on land. Jack's group says if there is a beast that is group can kill it. The dividing line between the two groups is finally split. Jack's group skulks off to the other side of the mountain.
  • The Beast Enters

    The Beast Enters
    While Sam and Eric lie asleep when they were on fire watch. Whilst sleeping airplanes battle above. A dead parachuter then floats down to the island and gets tangled in the rocks. When Sam and Erica awake they see the parachute in the wind, they then mistake it for the beast.
  • Cry for Help

    Cry for Help
    The twins rush back to camp to tell the older boys what they had discovered. Everyone leaves to hunt down the beast with the exception of the little'uns and Piggy.
    The Boys find themselves in a place that they haven't explored yet, frightened as they were they proceeded with caution.
  • In the Cave

    In the Cave
    After Ralph is forced to enter the cave alone, Jack soon enters. They began to rekindle their friendship and the atmosphere turns happier. Boys begin to play games and buit forts, forgetful of the mission at hand. Ralph soon reminds them and the tension returns. The other boys then remember that they don't like Ralphs orders but all return to the signal fire with Piggy and the little ones.
  • Seize

    While having a seizure Simon predicts the future. He tells Ralph that he will survive and be rescued. Simon however reveals nothihg of his fate which signifies that he might not make it out alive. Which in fact he does not.
  • Ralph's first hunt

    Ralph's first hunt
    Jack finds animal droppings and starts to hunt and track the animals. Ralph gets caught up in the intensity and rush of hunting. The boar excapes but everyone is still riled up. They begin roleplaying with a younger boy, The boys jab and spear Robert. Robert reminds them to play the game again with a real pig the next time. Simon leaves to tell piggy and the little ones they will be back in the morning.
  • In the dark

    In the dark
    When night time arrives, Roger, Ralph and Jack climb the mountain. Jack goes ahead of the rest and comes back terrified because he had seen the beast. (the parachute was merely flapping in the wind.)
  • Division

    After several months of heavy tension between Jack and Ralph, a complete rift is settled between the two after an assembly where nobody votes for Jack instead of Ralph. Humiliated and enraged, Jack runs from the assembly into the background yelling, "I'm going off by myself. He can catch his own pigs. Anyone who wants to hunt when I do can come too,"
  • The Lord of the Flies

    The Lord of the Flies
    As Ralph and whats left of his followers sit back, Jack and his tribe continue to hunt. Simon meanwhile is off on his own. As he continues through the forest, he comes upon the pigs head, covered in flies on the stake and proceeds to have a conversation with it.
    "You knew, didn't you? I'm part of you?"
  • Truth

    When Simon wakes up after fainting he crawls through the forest back to camp when he realizes what the beast really is. A dead parachuter with the fabric flapping in the wind. He runs to camp to tell them his discovery.
  • Feast

    Jacks group kills a pig and they are having a big celebration. Jack is ordering the boys around and they obeyed. Jack invited Ralphs group and they accepted because otherwise they'd have no food.
  • Death

    Jack orders everyone to do the pig dance. Everyone including Ralph and Piggy get exhilarated. When Simon jumps out of the bushes everyone assumes it's the beast. They brutally maul Simon. The rain and wind from the storm bring simon out to see where glowing fish surround him as if he were an angel. The corpse is also brought onto the beach where the boys see and get frightened.
  • Day after death.

    Day after death.
    PIggy and Ralph feel sick to their stomachs because they did realize that it was Simon. (obvioulsy not soon enough). Ralph feels like he's murdered Simon. They are almost alone. The only ones that stayed faithful to Ralph are : Piggy, Sam, Eric, and a few little'uns
  • meanwhile

    At Castle Rock, Jacks headquarters. Everyone seems to believe that Simon really was the beast. Jack the tyrant of the group is sadistically ordering the boys around. Boys are beaten just beacause Jack feels like it. He yells to Roger to raid Ralph's camp because Jack thinks he's a threat to him.
  • That night

    That night
    When Ralph and his friends finally make it to sleep, Ralph ends up with nightmares. Roger and the boys steal Piggy's glasses while also brutally beating the boys in the process. Now PIggy is virtually blind and they no longer have the ability to create fire.
  • The next morning

    The next morning
    Ralph and Piggy travel the Castle Rock to try to reason with Jack. They walk up to armed guard who proceed to throw rocks aimlessly at them. Jack comes back with a pig and a brawl begins. Jack's group captures the twins. Ralph demands the glasses back because without them they'll never be rescued. They fight again. When Piggy tries to intervene Roger pushed a large boulder and Piggy dies.
  • Lord of Flies

    Lord of Flies
    Ralph encounters the skull that was reffered to as "lord of flies" He takes the spear out of it decides to use it as a weapon. (THis is important because the beast is not nearly as scary as what lies inside the other boys who are plotting Ralph's death.
  • That night

    That night
    Ralph sneaks the Castle Rock as finds the twins guarding the place. The twins give them food but they tell him that he was to leave. They reveal to Ralph that the group plans oncomming after him tomorrow. Ralph stumbles into a thicket and falls asleep.
  • The smoke out

    The smoke out
    Twins are tortured to reveal the hideout of Ralph. Boulders are rolled through the forest. Boys fight their way through the forest. When Ralph smells smoke he realizes that the whole island must be on fire. Ralph bursts into a sprint and collapses on the beach
  • Rescue

    A navy official spots the smoke and fire Jack's group starts in hopes to kill Ralph. The official looks at the boys with discust at the fact that they treated eachother so violently.
  • The End

    The End