Looking for Alaska

  • 128 Days Before

    Miles Halter meets Chip Martin, his roomate, who prefers to be called the Colonel. The Colonel gives Miles a nickname also, which is Pudge, and introduces him to Alaska. Pudge smokes for the first time when The Colonel and Alaska take him to a lake.
  • 127 Days Before

    While Pudge is sleeping, three guys who attend the same school take him outside to the little beach on the school property, wrap him in duct tape, and throw him into the lake. Pudge manages to float to the surface and reaches the shore. The Colonel is furious at the boys who almost drowned Pudge, shouting how he could have drowned.
  • 126 Days Before

    The Colonel wakes up to realize that the guys who almost drowned Miles peed in his shoes. Also, Pudge sees his religion teacher, Dr. Hyde for the first time and notices that he breathes slowly and with great labour. Chip tells Pudge that Dr. Hyde only has one lung.
  • 110 Days Before

    While Pudge is attending his religion class, he daydreams and looks at landscape of the school campus. His teacher Dr. Hyde, annoyed that Pudge isn't paying attention, kicks him out of class. Miles goes with the Colonel and their friends to smoke.
  • 109 Days Before

    Culver Creek plays a christian school for their basketball game. The Colonel led his school in shouting at the opposing team. They yelled things like, "WE GOT HIGHER SATs," and "YOU'RE MUCH BIGGER, BUT WE ARE STRONGER."
  • 101 Days Before

    Alaska, Pudge, and some other students from their pre-calc class drive to McDonalds to study. A cute european girl named Lara sits on Pudge's lap for the drive. At McDonalds, Alaska teaches the students pre-calc to prepare for the test.
  • 99 Days Before

    Pudge, Alaska, The Colonel and Takumi walk down by the lake to smoke. The Eagle (Mr. Starnes) catchees them and tells them to go to the Jury the next day at five. (The Jury is like the school court.)
  • 98 Days Before

    Pudge and his friends go to the Jury and Alaska and Chip are punished with 10 work hours - doing dishes in the cafeteria. Pudge and Takumi get away with it and don't get punished.
  • 87 Days Before

    Miles is hit in the head by a bascketball at a school game. He gets a concussion.
  • 49 Days Before

    Alaska and Pudge go on a hunt for porn.
  • 46 Days Before

    Pudge and the Colonel spend thanksgiving with the Colonel's mom.
  • Christmas

    Everyone goes home to spend time with their family.
  • 3 Days Before

    Pudge and his friend pull a huge prank on the Eagle using firecrackers, and get into the school's computer system and change students' marks.
  • The Last Day

    Pudge does some discusting stuff.
  • The Day After

    The Eagle calls the students down to the gym for an assembly, where he tells the school that Alaska died in a car crash.
  • 6 Days After

    Pudge and other students from Culver Creek attend Alaska's funeral.
  • 8 Days After

    School begins again.
  • 62 Days After

    Miles calls home and talks to his mom.
  • 69 Days After

    The Colonel and Pudge discuss a prank they called the Alaska Young Memorial Prank. The real title though is Subverting the Patriarchal Paradigm.
  • 83 Days After

    Miles calls his dad and convinces him to be part of the big prank.
  • 102 Days After

    The prank begins and a stripper is giving a speech in front of the school. Lara then shouts at him to take off his clothes. The eagle makes it clear he wants the stripper to leave.
  • 114 Days Before

    The Colonel, Pudge, and Takumi have a theory as to why Alaska died. Alaska wants to get to her mom's grave and thinks she can squeeze past the cop cars, and she's drunk and not thinking clearly.
  • 136 Days After

    Takumi sends Pudge a letter while he's leaving to Japan. He apologizes for not letting Pudge and the Colonel know why Alaska left the school in such a hurry. She forgot about her mom's death "anniversary" and Takumi tried to talk her out of it. Pudge also writes his way out of the labrynth.