Looking For Alaska

  • 128 days before

    Pudge (Miles) meets Chip aka Colonel and Alaska at Culver Creek. Pudge starts to fall for Alaska.
  • 122 days before

    Pudge meets his new friend takumi. Pudge also finds out about Alaska's boyfriend. The weekday Warriors sneak into Pudge's room and duck tape him while he's sleeping and throw him in the lake. The Warriors don;t like the Colonel because they think he ratted out Marya and Paul.
  • 101 days before

    Pudge and Alaska get kicked out of class, they go out to smoke with Colonel after class and Alaska tells them "I smoke to die". At Pudge and Colonel's first basketball game, Kevin (one of the weekday warriors) offers the boys a truce, which they decline. Pudge meets Lara.
  • 84 days before

    Alaska sets up a triple date with herself and Jake, Pudge and Lara, and Colonel and Sara. At the basketball game Pudge gets hit in the head with the ball and vomits all over Lara. He spends the rest of the night in the hospital with Takumi and Lara. The Colonel breaks up with Sara.
  • 44 days before

    Alaska convinces Miles who then convinces his parents to let him stay for Thanksgiving. Miles then decides he wants to go home for Thanksgiving but by then it's too late because his parents had already payed their tickets to go to England. Pudge falls more and more in love from spending all of Thanksgiving together. Pudge goes to the Colonel's for Thanksgiving and realizes how poor he is and how rough his life is
  • 8 days before

    Pudge feels very discluded from the prank to get back at Kevin. Colonel and Alaska are doing most of the planning without him.
  • 2 days before

    They all hangout in the barn getting drunk and playing games. Alaska tells them about the time when she was young and her mom died infront of her and she didnt do anything about it. Her dad blamed her for her mom's death. Pudge ends up kissing Lara and then asks her to be his girlfirend and she says yes.
  • The last day

    Pudge makes out with Alaska when they are drunk. Alaska breaks down and asks Colonel and Pudge to distract the Eagle so she can go somewhere. All she would say is that she forgot something. She got in a car accident and died.
  • The Day After

    The eagle comes rushing into the room and tells Colonel and Pudge that they have to go to the gym for an announcement. He then announces that Alaska has died.
  • 7 days after

    Pudge and the Colonel start to wonder if Alaska's death was an accident or on purpose.
  • 13 days after

    Pudge and Colonel go to the police stations to ask about Alaska's death and the police tell them that they tulips in the back seat. They then figure out that she was on her way to her mom's grave.
  • 27 days after

    Pudge and the Colonel go into the Eagle's room and steal the breathalyzer to use it on the deceased Alaska, to see if Alaska was drunk at the scene of the car crash.
  • 102 days after

    As part of the memorial prank, the Colonel ask the students at Culver Creek to each contribute 5 dollars to pay a male stripper to give a speech at "Speech Day" at the school auditorium, disguised as Dr. William Morse, then as directed by the prank, to dance for the students at Culver Creek, making the Eagle very angry.