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Little Girls in Pretty Boxes

By 1416000
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    Little Girls in Pretty Boxes

    Julissa Gomez
    Christy Henrich
    Dominique Moceanu
  • Christy Henrich begins gymnastics before kindergarten

  • Dominique Moceanu born into a gymnast family

    Both of her parents were great gymnasts, and expected the same from her.
  • Julissa starts her first major gymastics program in Houston

    Since Julissa was going to train here, it forced her whole family to move.
  • Christy made the Junior National Team at the young age of 12.

  • Julissa sprained her knee.

    Although she was told to take a break, nothing stopped Julissa in the gym.
  • Christy earned Fong (her coach), the USGF's Coach of the Year award.

  • Julissa moved to train wih Al Fong

  • Julissa begins intense training with the famous, Al Fong.

  • Christy finished 10th in the all-around competition at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships.

  • Julissa's paralysis is annouced permanant.

  • Christy did not make the US Team by 0.118 of a point.

    She was devastated.
  • Julissa had an accident at a meet in Tokeyo, and she snapped her neck.

    Only 3 months before Olympic trials.
  • Christy won fourth-place at the World Championships.

  • Christy fell on her head twice in the World Championship Trials.

  • Christy's eating disorder started to take control.

  • Christy was so weak, from starvation, she was pulled from the USA-USSR Challenge meet.

    Fong then kicked her out of the gym, and told her never to return.
  • The Monceanu's move to Houston

  • 18 months before her second chance at the olympics, Christy Henrich announced her retirement from gymnastics.

    When she retired she was 18 years old, and weighed only 80 pounds,
  • Three years after the accident, Julissa was rushed to the hosoital again, for an infection.

  • 3 days after Julissa was diagnosed with another infection, she passed away in her mothers arms.

  • Chrisy's weight dropped to 60 pounds, and her parents checked her into a health center.

    There she quickly gained weight, but lost it again. She checked in and out of the hospital 10 times in 18 months.
  • Christy Henrich returned home from the hospital

  • Christy Henrich died.

    5 days after her birthday, Christy fell into a coma, and died due to multiple organ failures.
  • Dominique was the youngest on the US Olympic team.

  • Dominique's dad built a 72,000 square foot gym

  • Dominique's agent dropped her

  • Dominique competed in Goodwill Games after her time off

  • Dominique competes in the national championsip

  • Dominique competed in the national championships

  • Dominique filed a law suit in Texas District Court agaisnt her parents abuse

  • Houston Police show up at Dominiques coaches and friends house because her dad sent a "hit man" out to kill them

  • Dominique got a tempororay restraining order against her parents because of their abuse

  • Dominiques family goes back to court

  • Dominique begins her training again

  • Dominiques and her parents reach a finacial settlement together

  • Dominique can't compete due to knee and back injuries

  • The Book Ends