Like Water for Chocolate

  • Tita is Born

    Tita is Born
  • Father Dies of Heart Attack

    Father Dies of Heart Attack
    after finding out about his daughter Gertrudis being fathered by another man he suffers a heart attack
  • Pedro Requests tg marry Tita

  • Mama Elena refuses to let TIta Marry

    Elena tells Tita she is not allowed to marry Pedro becuase she is supposed to take care of Mama Elena until mama dies since she is the youngest daughter.
  • Pedro Marries Rosuara

    Pedro Marries Rosura in order to be near Tita
  • Tita Cries into weddign cake

    Tita is forced to help make the wedding cake for her sister and the man she loves and she cries into it, and her emotions are passed through the cake.
  • Everyone at the wedding cries

    the cake makes everyone sad
  • Mama elena says TIta posioned the cake

    Mama blames tits for the sickness and cryign and said it is poison.
  • Nacha Dies

    After eating the cake she cries and dies of a broken heart
  • Pedro gives Tita roses

  • Titia cooks with the roses

    Everyone eats the roses and feels the love tita has for pedro when eating the roses
  • Gertrudis leaves with a man on a horse naked

    after buring down teh shower Gertrudis is taken by her man and leaves on his horse, and has sex with him on the horse
  • Mama Elena burns Gertrudis's birth certificate

    Mama Elena finds out that Gertrudis ran away with a man on a horse naked and is now working at a brothel and she says Gertrudis is dead to her and burns her memories and birth certificate.
  • roberto is Born

    The first child of Pedro and Rosuara is born
  • Dr Brown meets Tita

    The doctor comes to the house for a house visit when Roberto is born and decides he loves Tita too and wants to ask her hand in marriage
  • Tita breast feeds roberto

    Rosuara is unable to feed roberto and tita tries to nurse him and it works. she feeds him
  • Roberto, Pedro, and Rosuara move to US

    They leave and move to US becuase mama elena told them too
  • Tita yells at mama elena and elena hits her and makes her

    Tita stays in the dovecote.
  • Roberto Died

    Without tita feedign him being in the US he had no food and died Tita nblamed mama elena for making them go and tita went to the dovecote
  • mama Elena wants tita to go to a nut house

    mama tells doctor brown to take her to a nut house. dr brown loves tita so takes her to his house instead of a nut house
  • Ranch was attacked

    While tita was at dr browns house the ranch was attacked and Chencha was raped by several men and mama elena sufferend a blow to the spine and became a parapalegic
  • tita returns home

    tita goes home and takes care of paralyzed mama elena.
  • Mama dies

    she took large amounts of ipecac becuase she feared tita posioning her fod and died
  • Rosa is prego when she returns to attend elenas funeral

  • Second child to Pedro and Rosaua is bron

    Esperanza is born
  • Rosauar cant have more kids

    She had an operation during Esperanzas birth and can not have any more kids. this means esperanza is the youngest daughter of rosauara and will be forced to take care of her until the day rosuara dies.
  • Pedro Takes Titas virginity

  • Tita thinks she is pregnant

    after Pedro took her virginity she thinks that she is pregnant, but later finds out she is not just really late on her period
  • Gertrudis returns

    she comes back to the ranch with her husband the man who took her off on the horse years earlier
  • Gertrudis has a baby & finds out about her dad

    Gertrudis learns about mama elenas love affair and finds out that she does not have the same father as Tita and Rosauara. Gertrudis also had a child while she was away
  • Pedro gets burned bad

    After Pedro is burned all he wants is Tita and openly rejects rosauara since mama elena is dead and rosauara gets mad and says she will not be made a food and if they are going to sneak arond it will be kept a secret.
  • Rosaura Dies

  • Esperanza and Alex get married

    Since rosuara is dead Esperanza no longer will have to take care of her until she dies and is free to marry Alex, Dr. browns son like she wants to
  • Titia agrees to marry Pedro

    Since Tita is no longer under control of mamam elena and pedro is no longer married to rosuara since she died. Pedro tells TIta not to marry doctor brown and to marry him instead.
  • Pedro and Tita marry

  • Pedro dies while having sex with TIta

  • Tita eats matches to spark her internal flames & dies