Lifetime of Kelby

By kelby
  • Born

    I was born early in the morning. When I was born I came out not breathing so I had to stay longer in the hospital. Photo By: Simon Law
  • Period: to


  • Day Clare (my sister) was Born

    I went ot the hospital and I saw Clare for the first time. I wanted a baby like Clare so I went out and bought a baby doll. Photo By: Doug McCaughan
  • Nine Eleven

    Nine Eleven
    Many people were killled and injured by this. Ground zero is now where the towers used to sit. Photo by: Luis Argerich
  • Natalie dies of cancer

    Natalie dies of cancer
    This was very hard for my friend because this was her sister. The people of fairport, NY came together and raised money for cancer. They did this by setting up a cancer walk. Photo By: SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget
  • Girls die in texting accident

    Girls die in texting accident
    This accident affected many people and families. The girls were driving and texting and slammed into a semi. the car caught on fire and the girls couldn't be saved in time. One of the girls in the accident was at one time my babysitter. Photo By: whiteafrican
  • Moved to Iowa

    Moved to Iowa
    The day we moved here was very long. We drove in from New York. When we got here they were starting to close roads because the river was going to flood. We almost didn't get to our house! Photo By: The Muuj
  • Flood of '08

    Flood of '08
    This deviatated many people and lots lost everything. Still, today people are trying to recover. Photo By: The People's Tribune
  • Wisconson

    My best friend and I went here for vacation adn stayed along the lake. We had an awesome time swimming and boating!
  • Got my Braces

    This day was not fun for me. I dislike my braces with a passion. Photo By: Pink Sherbert Photography

    I went to this conference with others from Prairie. I had an amazing time making friends and growing as a leader.
  • Tsunami in Japan

    Tsunami in Japan
    Ths tsunami was very distructive. Many people died and lots of others lost everything. Photo By: Goblinbox (queen of ad hoc bento)
  • Washinton D.C.

    Washinton D.C.
    I had a great time in D.C.! The siteseeing was very interesting and I learned a lot!