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Lifespan Project

  • Infant Africa

    Infant Africa
    Baby Af is developing her eye sight since it is not fully developed at birth.She looks up at her mother with big wide eyes. She really likes to look at interesting patterns; but does not like looking at anything too complex for her.
  • Africa's Birth

    Africa's Birth
    This is the first few days of Afica's journey into the world. She has a lot to discover. During the first few months of her life she rapidly expands her mind and explores.
  • Playing object games

    Playing object games
    Africa is 8 months old this May. According to Piaget, 8-12 month olds love to play object permeanance games. Piaget claims that their understanding is only "fragmentary" because they do not understand the action needed to grab the object, such as their arm motion. She in the sensorimotor stage of develoment(Piaget). She is using her sucking, looking, listening, and grasping abilities to learn.
  • Autonomy versus Shame and Doubt

    Autonomy versus Shame and Doubt
    Erikson's Stage 2- Toddler from 18 months - 3 years. Africa was doing a craft project with her mom. During this stage, toddlers really want to do things by themselves. She insists on using the scissors by herself. She gets frustrated every time her mother tries to help her use them. If children are encouraged to explore, a positive outcome (autonomy) will result. Overprotective parents that hinder exploration will create Shame/Doubt.
  • Af, Age 2

    Af, Age 2
    Africa ended her Sensorimotor period (Which Piaget believed lasts until a baby turns 2 years old). She is now entering the Preoperational period which extends from 2-7 years. Africa learns the idea of Assimilation (Piaget). She went to the zoo frequently over the summer and learned that the word "bear" also applies to her stuffed animal her mother gave her.
  • Preschool

    Africa has entered preschool. She now has many interactions with her peers which influence her growing cognitive development. One day, she was playing a game of soccer outside with friends, One boy had gotten frustrated during one of the last plays of the game and he pushed an opponet down in order to win the game. The boys in the game argued whether this was fair or not. Some of the boys left, while the girls were able to sacrifice their win to keep the group of friends together. Carol Gilligan
  • Age 8

    Age 8
    Africa, being in elmentary school experiences now has more authority than just her parents alone. When a teacher asked why she liked her friend, she said she had blonde hair, blue eyes, and she likes to play sports and play piano. This description includes characteristics that are very conrecte and typical of a 8 year old.
  • Africa, age 12

    Africa, age 12
    Africa is currently going through her awkward stage of life. She is leaving behind childhood and beginning adolescence. She had to put braces on for her teeth. Africa is very smart and does well in her algebra math class. This is due to her abstract thinking(Piaget)
  • Age 16

    Age 16
    Africa is very concerned in "finding herself"She wants to know who she is and where she is going in life. She feels and need to establish herself in the world. She is experiencing and "identity crisis" Africa tried out different skills as hairdressing, cooking, and playing with her band. This takes her a while because of the time needed to practice her skills. In Freud's view development would largely be complete by now.
  • Age 20

    Age 20
    Africa has found her identityin being a chef. She frequently makes her favorite recipes and appears with Paula Dean on the food network. She wants someone to love now. She wants to feel loved as well. She begins dating and cooking for all of her dates.
  • Africa marries

    Africa marries
    Age 25. Africa is in stage 6 of Erik Erikson's theory now. She marries a man that she met when she was 20. During young adulthood, Af was seeking closer relationships. She was looking to find love, and she did. Africa was able to avoid her feelings of distantiation and find intimacy
  • Af has her own children

    Af has her own children
    Since Africa has married, and found a satisfying companion, according to Erikson, she was able to seek a deep level of "intamacy."
  • Midlife Crisis

    Midlife Crisis
    Africa's child is growing up. She is getting older as well and wants to maintain her good looks and health.Shewants to give back to her community by teaching weight lifting. She wants a productive life.
  • Midlife crisis after

    Midlife crisis after
    Sense of power, new life. Africa feels very strong. She practices yoga and meditates daily. She left the life of body building. Through her identity crisis however, she created a fulfilling life through yoga.
  • Dealing with Death

    Dealing with Death
    Stage 8 of Erik Erikson's theory Late Adulthood: 55 or 65 to Death
    Ego Development Outcome: Integrity vs. Despair
    Basic Strengths: Wisdom
    Africa's mind flashes back to the days when she was younger, teaching yoga and weight lifting. She is satisfied with making people healthier. She is now ready to die.