Life timeline

  • Taiwan joins the World Trade Organization (NP)

  • Best person ever was born (P)

  • Period: to

    Entire history of everything important in the universe

  • Iraq war ends (NP)

    world news
  • I celebrate my first birthday

  • Spirit lands on Mars

  • I go to school(1st time)

  • Super Bowl XXXIX

  • My sister is born, I watch Madagascar!

  • I watch my 1st Olympics

  • or so, i paint the walls with fingerpaint!

  • Micheal Phelp's next 8 gold medals

  • or so, I make my second friend!

  • Gulf of Mecico oil spill

  • Cloning begins

    environment? tech?
  • or so, the last spring break trip for PMS starts

  • I go on the PMS spring break trip

  • Donald Trump begins world domination

    National news
  • I start Algebra

  • I finish this project