life so far timeline

  • Born

    was born during devastating flood, causng alot of townsville friends and family to rebuild.
    Involved: Family
    Lesson learned: rebuilding
    Symbol: water, a fresh start from the beginning symbolising purity.
  • moved to chile

    moved to chile, south america.
    Involved: family, friends.
    Lesson learned: how to speak spanish, moving, and living in a different country.
    Symbol: earth, new land.
  • Accident

    fell of building and cut my nose open, also during a major earthquake in chile.
    Involved: mum, dad and brother.
    lesson learned: be more careful.
    symbol: fire, because of agony.
  • moved to brisbane

    moved to brisbane from chile.
    Involved: family.
    lesson learned: how to make new friends and start school.
    symbol: wind, blown away.
  • got pet cat and dog

    got pet cat and dog while in brisbane.
    involved: family and grandma.
    lesson learned: how to look after animals.
    symbol: earth, because trhey are nature.
  • cat hit by truck

    cat ran out on road and got hit by truck and died.
    involved: family
    lesson learned: mourning and loss
    symbol: earth, cat was buried.
  • moved to melbourne

    moved to melbourne from brisbsne.
    involved: family friends.
    lesson learned: making new friends and losing friends.
    symbol: wind blown away and had to start afresh.
  • got new cat, dog rabbit

    got new cat dog and rabbit.
    involved: family.
    lesson learned: caring for more animals and rabbits.
    symbol: water, showing purity and new growth.
  • first motorbike

    uncle bought me my first motorbike to ride on the farm.
    involved:,uncle, aunty, grandma, grandpa, mum, dad and brother.
    lesson learnned: how to ride and mantain a motorbike.
    symbol: fire, brought out the fire in me of excitement.
  • dads accident

    dad fell off my new motorbike and due to not wearng a helmet was in a coma for over a week. this was a cery awful experience for me as i didnt know if my dad would be okay, the motorbike also broke.
    involved: dad especially, family and friends.
    lesson learned: how to cope.
    fire: it hurt like fire and really burnt me.
  • grandpa died

    grandpa in townsville dies.
    involved: family.
    lesson learned:mourning, how to cope with loss.
    symbol: fire, bad time in life, burning.
  • saved cousin from drowning

    cousin jumped into pool withut floaties on while we were home alone. i saw him go under and jumped in then dragged him out, i was very proud.
    involved: family in townsville.
    lesson learned: how to be humble while being proud. also motivated me to be a lifeguard.
    symbol: water, saved him from water.
  • Bali trip

    my family and i went to bali for the christmas holidays.
    involved: mum, dad and brother.
    lessons learned: different culture and traditions, and got along with my family extremely well.
    symbol: earth, different land.
  • great holiidays

    lived in a holiday house with a few of my mates in phillip island for the holidays.
    involved: friends.
    lesson learnt: independence skills, how to run a house and had a lot of fun.
    symbol: water, in phillip island on the beach.
  • lost grandfinal

    went through the whole footy season undefeated then came to the grand final, and lost to our greatest rivals.
    involved: team, friends.
    lesson learned: to deal with it and look on the brightside.
    symbol: wind, all our efforts blown away