Life Personal Health

Timeline created by annacg
  • Period: to


    avoid accidental injuries, preventative care, healthy diet, don't smoke, never drink and drive, get enough sleep, take care of your sexual health, do medical check ups, take care of mental and emotional health
  • Period: to


    maintain a healthy weight, exercise, get enough sleep, don't smoke, reduce stress, monitor BMI and cholesterol, prevent accidents, take care of sexual health, skin care, build muscle, regular doctor visits
  • Period: to


    preventing health problems (like heart disease and cancer), find out family history, do routine check ups, take care of sexual health
  • Period: to


    eat healthy, stay physically and mentally active, maintain a healthy weight, don't smoke, get enough sleep, reduce stress, drink alcohol in moderation, get medical exams
  • Period: to


    learn the warning signs for health problems (like strokes and heart attacks), talk to your doctor, quit smoking, exercise, maintain a healthy weight, eat healthy, regular medical exams