Health Maintenance

  • 20's focuses

    My eating focus will be on discovering new and delicious healthy foods I can implement in my later life to keep myself health. I might visit a dietitian to discover new things in this area as well.
    My goals for physical activity is vigorous work with lots of running and a gym membership.
    My preventative healthcare plan is to find a doctor and OB-GYN as well as healthcare insurance to use throughout my life as well.
  • Period: to


    Everyday things to watch for:
    -Eat a healthy diet and make sure you get all the proper nutrients such as protein, calcium, potassium, healthy omega-3
    fats, and folic acid
    -avoid nicotine and tobacco for health reasons and to resist addiction
    -get enough sleep
    Do everyday things like wearing a seat belt, installing smoke detectors, don't drink and drive,
    -work out for 30 minutes a day most days of the week for most days to improve bone health, strength, and mental health
  • First dental check up

    First dental check up
    Every six months, get a dental check up and cleaning.
  • 21

    I turn 21, and am legally allowed to drink alcohol. Drinks should be monitored so you don't take too much. The healthy amount of alcohol for a woman is one a day if any.
  • First check up

    First check up
    Every two years, get a professional health check up, including a blood screening, for females like me also include a gynecological exam, clinical breast exam and Pap test.
    Watch for risks of pregnancy, contact doctor for prenatal care and information. Also ask for when you need skin cancer screenings for any concerns about acne, eczema, or skin needs.
    Get regular eye appointments around the same times to prevent future problems.
  • 30's focuses

    My healthy eating will be my finds from my twenties as well as anything else new integrated with some guilty pleasure foods as I might raise a family. My Physical activity will probably be replaced by jogging and biking. My healthcare will also involve contact with prenatal care as it is common in this age.
  • Period: to


    Eat a healthy diet to keep from gaining too much unneeded weight and to stay balanced.Maintain the same nutritious diet and cut back on sodium/salts. It's recommended to use 30-60 minutes a day throughout the week. 6-8 hours of sleep is a healthy amount for this age. Keep the same healthy habits, no smoking, minimal drinking, protecting against sun damage, and reducing stress.
    In workouts attempt to replace muscle with more muscle instead of fat.
  • Health care for 30's

    Health care for 30's
    The medical checks from eye doctors, skin cancer screenings, dental exams and cleanings,and vaccines but add cholesterol screenings.
  • 40's focuses

    My healthy eating will probably be focused the same as before because I will be in the same situation as my thirties, I should add more foods that help with cholesterol. My physical activity will be dictated by bike rides and walks. My healthcare will need to be monitored in this stage for more problems.
  • Period: to


    Notice and observe health changes in your mind and body and notify professional. Things like chronic pain, stress, blood pressure and glucose, bone strength, and anxiety or depression because they're consistent with larger problems. More sexual health problems could arise as well.
  • 40's health exams

    40's health exams
    Maintain physical and dental check ups, as well as eye exams, blood,diabetes, and cholesterol screening, baseline skin exam, and various applicable cancer tests two years or less apart from each other.
  • 50's focuses

    My food at this time will have to go back to full nutrition focus again as my metabolism slows and health risks rise. My physical activity will be mostly daily walks. My healthcare will most likely be more close now and I'll need more aid.
  • Period: to


    This is when noticing changes in yourself is crucial, so contacting your trusted professionals is essential. Stay active in any way you can and maintain a health weight to avoid health problems. For women, this is also around menopause time and you will need to contact your professional on the 101 about it.
  • 50's health exmas

    50's health exmas
    All the latest exams you have taken will still be in order but its recommended every 1-2 years, or fie years with cholesterol screening, and skin exams to foresee the most common cancer.
  • 60's focuses

    At this point I will be nearing retirement, so this will give me more time to cook meals that are healthy and respect my diet. My physical activity will be walks and I'll have more time to enjoy that as well. This will be the closest healthcare i will get and depending on health maybe an at home nurse..
  • Period: to


    Make sure to eat healthy, exercise, and protect your heart daily. Any health problems now are very hard to fix so staying as healthy as possible is extremely important. you will need high contact with your medical professional.
  • 60's health problem prevention

    60's health problem prevention
    You'll need annual flu vaccines, pelvic exam, blood pressure screenings, mammogram, and skin exams. At age 65, you'll want a bone density test, pneumonia vaccine, and a shingles vaccine. You'll need thyroid tests, tetanus shots, and blood glucose shots at their prescribed times