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History of Health Care in California

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    Mid-1800s The concept of health insurance is introduced in America

    Significant because this is the system that has prevailed until today.
  • 1st Universal Health Care system

    1st Universal Health Care system
    Otto von Bismarck creates the first universal health care system in Germany.
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    Health Insurance Available in CA

    [History of Health Coverage in CA](www.cmanet.orguploadhealth_coverage_history.pdf)
  • Employer-based health coverage kicks off

    Henry Kaiser started one of the most successful health insurance companies in 1937. Many other countries were attracted to his system, so in 1945 Kairser created Kaiser Permanente, which provides medical care to employess and employees of other companies.
  • Blue Shield comes to life

    Blue Shield comes to life
    History of Blue ShieldCalifornia Medical Association creates the Blue Shield insurance nonprofit. It provides insurance for montly fees.
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    Blue Cross is created.

    Blue Cross, created initially as a “public, nonprofit hospital service plan,” was born based on Alameda County's model.
  • Governor Warren Proposal.

    Republican Governor Earl Warren in 1945 introduced a bill to create a payroll-tax-funded single payer health insurance plan. In a historic vote, the effort failed 39-38. The public health insurance tides turned in part due to the growth of employer based health coverage. By the late 1940s the concept of employer based health coverage was entrenched as employers began to offer health insurance as a “non-cash” benefit to compete for employees.
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    Growth of HMOs

    Health maintenance organizations, which are prepaid health programs, have become very popular with citizens.
  • Pres. Truman's national universal health care proposal fails...

    to attract people.
  • The United States starts providing Medicare & Medicaid

    While this isn't a true form of universal health care, nor is it only a program in CA, it does affect Californians and is thus significant.
  • Pres. Nixon proposed universal coverage.

    Pres. Nixon proposed universal coverage.
    His plan called for a mix of public and private institutions, but it too was dismissed.
  • State of CA passes series of Medi-Cal reforms.

  • Disaster due to Medi-Cal reforms

    The 1971 Act created a series of problems that the Legislature had to fix.
  • Knox-Keene Act put into action.

    Knox-Keene Act was enacted in 1976 establishing a regulatory framework for licensing and regulating prepaid health plans (HMOs).
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    Clinton Proposal

    Pres. Bill Clinton tries to push a federal universal coverage plan, but his campaign is unsuccessful.
  • Prop 166 dies at the polls.

    It was CMA sponsered.
  • Blow to universal health care: Prop 187

    In November 1994, California voters approved Proposition 187, which requires publicly funded health care facilities to deny care to illegal immigrants and to report them to government officials.
  • SCHIP created

    State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) was made for children who didn't have insurance and their families didn't qualify for Medicaid (due to income level). It was supported by Sen. Ted Kennedy, Sen. Orrin Hatch, and Hillary Clinton. It came out of taxes. Pres. Bush vetoed attempts to expand funding, but Pres. Obama signed the Children's Health Insurance Reauthorization Act of 2009 and thus expanded the program.
  • California's Office of the Patient Advocate est.

    CA is one of the only States to have an Office devoted to giving people tips and resources to get the best care possible. California's Office of the Patient Advocate was established July 2000 to publish a yearly Health Care Quality Report Card on the Top HMOs, PPOs, and Medical Groups and to create and distribute helpful tips and resources to give Californians the tools needed to get the best care.
  • CA SB 577

    California Governor Gray Davis signed into law the most important Health Freedom bill in world history - California SB 577. The bill makes health care 'wide open.' Doctors of Holistic Health, Holistic Health Practitioners, Homeopaths, Naturopaths, Herbalists, Nutritionists, etc., are now free to offer services without harassment.
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    Health Insurance Act

    Governor Gray Davis signed the CMA-co-sponsored Health Insurance Act (SB 2), a bill that would have required medium and large companies to provide health coverage to employees. Unfortunately, the following year, a referendum repealed SB 2.
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    Healthy San Francisco

    Healthy San FranciscoHealthy San Francisco is a universal health care system for the Bay Area.
  • Insurers across the nation raise rates by 39%

  • New Statistic

    Gallup pollsNew High of 26.3% of americans have some form of government healthcare.