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By kate_z
  • Period: to

    20-60 years

  • Routine Health Care

    Routine Health Care
    Medical check up every 2 years
    gynecological exam, breast and PAP exam every 2 to 3 years
    have cholesterol screening
    dental exam every 6-12 months
    see determatoligist for skin conditions when necessary
    calculate BMI- below 25
    get eye exams regularely or when problems arise
    get recommended vaccines
  • Health Tips

    Health Tips
    20 years
    dont smoke
    good diet
    exercise regularely
    avoid illegal substances
    good hygiene- shower brush teeth and hair
    avoid indoor tanning
    use sunscreen
    find family health history
    get a primary care provider
    alchohol moderation
    wear seatbelt
    get enough sleep
  • Special Concern

    Special Concern
    take care of sexual health
    mental health is important:
    reduce stress
    talk to health care provider if you show symptoms of depression
    dont make feel as if you have to have it all
    make time for things you enjoy]
    explore spiritual
    friendships with similar people
    keep learning
    seek advice from trusted friends
    develope a financial plan
    develope independance
    give bakc to community
  • Health Tips

    Health Tips
    Maintain healthy weight
    regular exercise
    30-60 mins per day
    6-8 hours of sleep
    dont smoke or use tobacco
    minimum alchohol
    avoid drugs
    use prescriptions only as directed
    reduce stress
    moniter bmi
    follow health care provider advice on diagnostic tests and screening procedures
    use smoke detectors
    seat belt
    never drink or drive
    watch out for overuse injury
    learn how to reduce crime risk
  • Special Concerns

    Special Concerns
    take care of sexual health- talk to health care provider
    mental and emotional health are important
    skin care- daily moisturizer and clean twice a day, sunscreen
    back pain- good posture, proper lifting techniques, strength exercise
    build muscle- muscle replaced with fat soimportant to strength train and weight exercises.
  • Routine Health Care

    Routine Health Care
    Medical check up every 1-2 years
    gynecological exam exam, breast exam, Pap test in 30s
    dental every 6-12 months
    eye and vision every 1-2 years
    hearing test as recommended
    cholesterol screening as recommended
    skin cancer screening as recommended
  • Special Concerns

    Special Concerns
    chronic pain- dont overuse body
    reduce stress and take care of yourself
    blood pressure, cholesterol, trigkycerides and homocysteine levels, resting heart rate-f ollow your health care provider's recommendations keep them within healthy levels through lifestyle measures and/or medication.
    blood glucose- diabetes
    BMI- pay attention to weight distribution
    osteoporosis- bones decline, weight bearing exercise, healthy diet
    anxiety and depression- mental health screening
    sexual health
  • Health Tips

    Health Tips
    \eating right
    exercising regularly
    getting enough sleep
    not smoking
    drinking alcohol only in moderation
    wearing your seat belt
    contact health care provider if any changes or any questions
    family health history
    stay safe
  • Routine Health Care

    Routine Health Care
    physical exam 2-3 years, dental exam 6-12 months, blood pressure screening, 2 years comprehensive eye exam 2 years, cholesterol screening 5 years, diabetes screening as recommended, basleine skin exam as recommended, baseline EKG, colorectal cancer screening begin at 45, immunizaitions, breast and pelvic exam, pap and bone density test, and mamogram.
  • Health Tips

    Health Tips
    eat healthy- cut back sodium, less fats, more fruits and veggies, lean protein, healthy fats, vitamins, whole grain.
    stay active- 30-60 minutes
    challange your brain
    maintain a healthy weight
    no smoking or tobacco products
    get enought sleep
    reduce stress
    moderation alchohol
  • Special Concerns

    Special Concerns
    Abnormal blood sugar levels, anxiety,Cancer, Changes in vision, Chronic pain, Depression, Digestive issues, Erectile dysf unction, hair loss, Hearing loss, Heart disease (aspirin therapy) High blood pressure, high cholesterol, menopausem osteporosis, overactive bladder, prastate issues, skin problems, thyroid problems, urinary incontinence.
  • Routine Health Care

    Routine Health Care
    Physical exam—every 2 years Dental exam and cleaning—every 6 months to 1 year Comprehensive eye exam—every 2 years Blood pressure screening—every year
    Cholesterol screening—every 5 years Diabetes screeningSkin exam—every year Baseline EKG Colorectal cancer screening—beginning at age 50;
  • Routine Health Care

    Routine Health Care
    Annual flu vaccine, Blood pressure screening—at least once every year , Bone density test—at age 60 or 65, Clinical breast exam and mammogram—every year, Colonoscopy—every 10 years beginning at age 50 , Dental exam—every 6 months, Digital rectal exam and fecal occult blood test—every year, Eye exam —every year, Fasting blood glucose test—at least every 3 years Pap test—every 3 to 5 years, pelvic exam- every year, pneumonia vaccine- age 65, PSA tests- talk to health care provider, shingles.
  • Health Tips

    Health Tips
    practice safer sex, learn cpr, reduce fall risk, wear helmet, set water heater to 120-130 F, fire alarm, smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector, seat belt, physical and mental health, financial issues and dependence on others.
  • Special Concerns

    Special Concerns
    Heart disease, athritis, type 2 diabetes, osteporosis, cnacers, benign prostatic hyperplastia, incontinence, learn about warning signs for serious medical conditions and strokes/heart attacks, talk to your doctor.