Life Of Susan B. Anthony

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  • Birth

    Susan B. Anthony was born.
  • Period: to

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  • First womens right convention held at Seneca Falls

    This was the first ever Womens rights convention held at Seneca Falls.
  • 1st speech

    Susan gave her first speech on this day.
  • Meeting Elizabeth

    Susan met Elizabeth Cady Stanton on this day.
  • unyfining attempt

    Susan B. ANthony attempted to unify the African American and the womens rights movements with another lady.
  • First Womens Right Convention

    This was the first ever Womens Right Convention. Many more conventions followed this one.
  • Speech

    Susan B. Anthony gave many speeches but this was a major one she gave at a New York State constitutional.
  • 1st Womens Rights Journal

    Susan published the first womens rights weekly journal the Revolution.
  • Arrest

    Susan was arrested on this date for "illegal voting".
  • ICOW

    Susan B. Anthony founded the International Council Of Women.
  • NWSA

    Susan B. Anthony formed the NWSA to help with the womens suffurage.
  • Death

    Susan B. Anthony died.