Life of Muhammad

  • 570

    570 Birth of Muhammad

    Muhammad is born into poweful tribe in the city of Mecca in Arabia.
  • 576

    Death in the Family

    Muhammad's mother dies he his is only six years of age.
  • Dec 17, 610

    Messages from Above

    Muhammad began to hear and see messages from God (allah).
  • Sep 27, 613

    Becoming a Preacher

    Muhammad decided that he would become a preacher.
  • Oct 1, 622


    Muhammad's army invaded and took over Mecca.
  • Apr 11, 632

    Death of Muhmmad

    By the time Muhammad died, and all of the Arabia had converted to Mhammad's Islamic teachings.
  • Work

    Muhammad works as a trader.
  • Here comes the Bride

    Muhammad marries a rich woman by the name of Khadijah.
  • Death

    His wife passed away, leaving Muhammad alone.