Life of Muhammad

By jo20229
  • 570


    Muhammad was born in Mecca, Sadi Arabia
  • 576

    Mother's Death

    Muhammads mother dies when he is only six- years old
  • 590


    Muhammad gets a job as a trader
  • 595


    Muhammad marries a rich women by the name of Khadijah
  • Nov 1, 610

    Hearing God

    Muhammad starts to hear messages and voices from Allah (God) and is scared to tell anyone
  • Nov 1, 613

    Becoming a Preacher

    Muhammad decides he would become a preacher after three years of hearing Allah
  • Nov 1, 619

    Wife's Death

    Muhammads wife passes and he is very upset
  • Nov 1, 622

    Moves to Medinah

    Once Muhammad starts to tell people that he is receiving messages from Allah, they don't like it so he moves from Mecca and Medinah
  • Nov 1, 630

    Muhammad's Army Strikes

    Muhammad's army invades and takes over Mecca
  • Nov 1, 632

    Arabia Converted

    By the time Muhammad has passes Arabia had been converetedm into his Islamic religions