Life of Michael Jackson

  • Born

    Micheal Jackson was born this day and he was the 7th children of nine.
  • Beginning of Musical Career, Jackson 5

    Beginning of Musical Career, Jackson 5
    *no exact date.
    Michael started his career by joining Jackson 5 created by his brother and sisters when he was only 5.
  • Released Jackson 5's First Singles

    *no exact date
    Jackson 5 released their first 4 singles on 1968. (ABC, I'll Be There, I Want You Back, and The Love You Save)
  • Michael Jackson's Thriller Released

    Michael Jackson's Thriller Released
    The Thriller became the world's largest selling album, also breaking the record.
  • Announced That He Is Splitting From the Group

    Michael announced this day on his last concert of his tour that he is splitting from the group and going for solo.
  • Album "Bad" Released

    Album "Bad" Released
    The album Bad was released on this date and it was also a great hit followed by "Thriller".
  • Album "Dangerous" Released

    Album "Dangerous" Released
    After Michael signed with Sony Music Company, he released his album "Dangerous", his forth solo album.
  • Marriage With Daughter of Elvis Presley

    Mchael and Marie Lisa Presley divorced shortly after 19 months
  • Michael's Concert

    Michael's Concert
    Michael Jackson had a concert for his 30th anniversary for being a solo artist. Many artists like Usher, and Whitney Houston celebrated with him.
  • Death of The King of Pop

    Michael Jackson died of a cardiac arrest after 50 years of living.