Life Of....Isaac Alegria

Timeline created by mrwilliams623
  • The Start

    Born in September 27, 2004
  • Inauguration of Church

    The Church was inaugurated on 2007
  • The War begins......

    I am diagnosed with 85% of cancer(Leukemia).
  • Fire

    The first original church burned because a electric transformer landed on it
  • Miracle

    On this day everyone was congregated at our house, and we received the news from the hospital..... 0% Cancer
  • First day of School

    Went to Oppe Elementary for the first time ever( I think)
  • Finished for once and for all

    Gave thanks at church because although cured, I had to take chemotherapy for 3 years. This was the day I finished and personally received Christ as my savior.
  • First day at Austin Middle School

    Was the first day I went to Austin Middle School as a 5th grader
  • Got Tiny my pet dog

    Got an Australian Shepherd, he has been my favorite dogs
  • Citizenship Award

    Got elected as a Citizen for Austin Middle School
  • Go fishing

    We plan to go fishing on memorial day to spend some time with my family
  • Last day of middle school

    The day we will leave the school that I've enjoyed the most.
  • Start Tennis

    The day I go to tennis summer camp for like the 8th year to practice my skills
  • Vacation Trip

    Going to Guatemala for about 20 days to visit family and enjoy life over there with them.
  • Celebrate father's day

    we plan to do some stuff for both my grandfather and my dad at guatemala
  • High School

    My first day at high school as a student
  • Driving

    Try to get my permit to drive
  • Officially drive

    This is the time I will actually get my driver's license
  • Graduate

    I plan to graduate from high school at this time
  • Marry(maybe)

    I was thinking when to get married... maybe this date