• Coal Mine Explosion in Turkey

    Coal Mine Explosion in Turkey
    One of world's worst coal mine disaster killed 263 people when miners were trapped below the surface and later an explosion occurred in Turkey (Head).
  • Birth

    I was born with my mom's umbilical cord around my neck on September 28th. What a nice start.
  • Cat Scratch Fever

    Cat Scratch Fever
    Infected with cat scratch fever. Although I was never told the whole story, I know that it's a real disease and I was in the hospital for it.
  • Clinton's Second Term

    Clinton's Second Term
    Bill Clinton elected for his second term as president (Presidency of Bill Clinton).
  • Marines

    My brother Ben joined the Marines, all through which he was gone several times for a few months that seemed to last forever.
  • Columbine Shooting

    Columbine Shooting
    In 1999, two boys became infamously known for terrorizing the students of a school in Colorado. The Columbine Massacre is known as one of the very worst school shootings in United States history (Rosenberg).
  • High School

    High School
    First year in high school as a 7th grader. I remember being scared of not knowing where my classes are and getting lost.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    In 2005, hurrican Katrina hit Florida. It is one of the most costly natural disaster in US history (Caruso).
  • Women Moving Up in Politics

    Women Moving Up in Politics
    Nancy Polusi was made the first woman to become the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (Nancy Polusi).
  • Birth of First Niece

    Birth of First Niece
    My niece Olivia Candida Sergi was born in Vermont in the summer of '07. Today, she lives down the street from me on Barden Brook.
  • Father Passed Away

    Father Passed Away
    Dad passed away from cardiac arrest. Since then, I've come to the conclusion that it was caused by all of the stress and depression that I was then completely unaware of.
  • Fidel Castro Resigns

    Fidel Castro Resigns
    After almost 50 years in power, Fidel Castro steps down from Cuban Presidency and hands it off to his brother, Raul Castro (Llana).
  • Ended Relationship

    Ended Relationship
    A three year long, emotionally abusive relationship finally ended.
  • The Death of the King of Pop

    The Death of the King of Pop
    Michael Jackson died at the age of 50 from cardiac arrest. Since then, his doctor has been on trial for conspiracy in Jackson's death (Marikar).
  • Swine Flu Outbreak

    Swine Flu Outbreak
    The outbreak of swine flu in Mexico killed 60 people and infected hundreds of others. Some schools were closed and many Mexicans around this time were seen wearing protective masks as to not contract the infection (DeNoon).
  • Relationship With Dan

    Relationship With Dan
    Dan and I started dating. The next day he got into a car wreck...bad sign?
  • Chilean Miners Rescued

    Chilean Miners Rescued
    After two months of being trapped underground, 33 Chilean miners were rescued. They came up one by one through a 2,041 foot escape shaft in a capsule (Herrero).
  • Got My Licence

    Got My Licence
    After failing it twice, I finally passed the drivers test and got my license.
  • Osama Killed

    Osama Killed
    Finally the day thousands of people have been waiting for. On a US raid, Osama bin Laden was found and killed (Osama bin Laden).
  • Senior Prom

    Senior Prom
    Had my senior prom at Camp Penuel. It was amazing and fun. The theme was midnight and roses.