• Born !

    I was born at 12:30 in the afternoon
  • Surgery

    I had acid reflex and needed surgery to open stomach valve.
  • Started to walk

    Began to walk.
  • Went to London

    Went to london with Dad
  • started kindergarden

    Started kindergaren at age 5
  • went to roller kingdom for 1st time

    started to get skills in roller blading through racing.
  • finished my secound yr in kindergarden

  • started to wear baggy clothes

  • Had my birthday party at an lasertag area

  • Had my birthday party at roller kingdom

  • played baseball

    At 12 years old i played baseball for the pirates and mariners
  • Mt.Rushmore

    visited family in north dakota and say the famous faces
  • played my first football game in 8th grade

    8th grade football
  • Grad middle school

  • Got my permit / license

  • Stole my moms car 1st time

  • Hit by 2 cars!!

  • Graduation !!!

    HS Graduation !!!
  • bought my first car

    bought my first car for $250 eagle talon 93
  • Drinks and shots !!

    I turned 21 and could finally drink!
  • Had an epic birthday party at the courtyard marroitt

    Had a party during a snow storm!!