Life Cycle Of a Butterfly

By Ret41
  • Egg Laying

    Egg Laying
    The Female Butterfly lays her eggs on leaves, in a Monarch butterflies case this is usually on a swan plant.
  • Period: to

    Life Cycle Of A Butterfly

  • Caterpillars Hatch

    Caterpillars Hatch
    Caterpillars hatch from the eggs between 7-20 days after they are layed and then begin to feed
  • Catterpillar Creates Cocoon

    Catterpillar Creates Cocoon
    The Caterpillar eats and eats till he is big and strong and then attaches himself upside down to a leaf and begins to spin a cocoon
  • In The Cocoon

    In The Cocoon
    The Caterpillar spins a cocoon that covers his entire body while inside here he tranforms into a butterfly
  • Butterfly Emerges From Cocoon

    Butterfly Emerges From Cocoon
    This is when the Butterly breaks free of his cocoon
  • A Brand New Butterfly

    A Brand New Butterfly
    Transformation complete, the cycle has come full circle and the butterfly will now fly off searching for food and a mate so it can begin all over again