• Birth

    Day I Was Born !
  • Learned to play the piano

    Learned to play the piano
    it took me a while to learn how to play it , probably like a year but that day was the first day i actually got to play a full composition
  • 1st Midi controller

    1st Midi controller
    i started to get more advanced when i got the midi controller , i made my own sounds & learned how to change the tempo to song it self. i made loops wich i could add some kicks and snares to it.

    started to produce with fl studio. took me a very good while to understand and learn the program itself , after that i just started to watch tutorial videos with my friend and learned alot of kool stuff. took me a year to actually master the program.
  • 1st Track

    1st Track
    i managed to actually work with the step sequencer & work with samples that came with fl to produce a simple track , but i still did'nt know how to master or do filters.
  • Event !

    Event !
    started to dj at a event called fuel massive witch was mixed with hip hop & EDM. but i really didnt like it because they focused more on hip hop. after that i started getting booked at somewhere loud wich was based on pure EDM music.