LGBT Movement

  • Period: to

    World War II

    Capitalism leads to another choice other than heterosexual relations. Reference:
    John D'Emilio, "Captialism and Gay Identity." (1983)
  • Period: to

    Homephile Period

    Mattachine Foundation: one of the first nation's gay rights organizations in U.S.
  • First anti-sodomy state in U.S.: Illinois

  • Period: to

    Gay Liberation Movement

    Scholars realize that there is more sexuality other than homosexual and heterosexual.
    Resist oppression and social discrimination.
    One of the best-known events is the Stonewall Riots, LGBTQ people grouped up and tried to defend their bar.
    It also symbolizes the start of modern LGBTQ movements. Reference:
    “The Gay Liberation Movement.” Bill of Rights Institute,
  • Period: to

    Stonewall Riots

    A start to the modern LGBTQ movement. Reference: Editors. “Stonewall Riots.”, A&E Television Networks, 31 May 2017,
  • Legalization of Same Sex Marriage in Maryland

  • UMD Protest

    UMD Protest
    In 2019, a group of people from Key of David Christian Center was protesting in front of the MCK.
    “Armed with Drums, Pride Flags and Signs, Hundreds Drown out Sexist Demonstrators at UMD.” The Diamondback, 27 Aug. 2020,
  • Second Protest

    Second Protest
    The second protest from Key of David Christian Center and students stand out and speak for the LGBTQ groups. Reference:
    Two Years Later, UMD Students Stifle Same Radical ...