Letters From Rifka

  • All Aboard

    All Aboard
    Rifka;s older brother Nathan came home from the Russian army to warn Rifka's other older brother,Saul, that the army will come to take Saul into the army. After Nathan's annoucement Rifka's father says that they must leave for America without papers. At the train station Rifka's parents, Nathan and Saul hind in boxcart on a frieght train while Rifka tries to distract the guards. She does this because she is the only one in her faimly that has blonde hair, blue eyes, and doesn't look like a Jew
  • Period: to

    Rifka's Journey

  • Examination

    Rifka and her family got to the Polish border with no further trouble until they were force to grt off the train for an examination. As they took the examination guards took their belongs as they had to strip infront of the doctor. The doctor aske Rifka if she was sick, but she did not anwser, instead her mother talk to the docor. Then, Rifka and her mothr went into a buliding and they were sprayed with something that made Rifka's head irritated. Once they were done they got their thing back.
  • Dealing With Typhus

    Dealing With Typhus
    Rifka and her family end up staying in Poland with her father's cousin. This is because she catches typhus. Later her parents and Nathan catch it too, leaving her in the arms of Saul.
  • And Then There Were Two

    And Then There Were Two
    Rifka is brtter now and Saul and her are staying at a hotel. Saul works to pay for the room and the food, two rolls and a herring. One day Rifka is healthy enought to walk and she goes to the hosptal and sees her mother.Rifka gets told by a doctor there that one you get typhus you cant get again and that her being there will help her mother regain her health
  • Reunited

    Ethel and Beryl, Rifka's parents, and Nathan are released from the hospital. They are reunited and are on the move again towards Warsaw. As there on the frieght train Rifka meets a young mother and while Rifka is doing the mother's hairr she tells her that her and her family are heading to America.
  • Ringworm And Warsaw

    Ringworm And Warsaw
    Rifka and her family get to Warsaw only too find out that they have to get examined again. As they're being examined Rifka gets told that she is not able to leave for Amerca because she has ringworm, but the rest of her family can leave. Soon after Rifka goes outside and buys an orange only to be told that she stole it and having a con take all of her money.
  • Desisions

    Rifka's parents meet with a lady from the HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society). The lady says that Rifka has to go to Belgium, a place where no one in her family has ever heard of, where she would be taken care of by another family until she is back to full health. Rifka refuses to part from her family and says she wants to go home, but her father tells her that she can't because if she does they will kill her.
  • Starting A New Life Is Hard, But Saying Good-Bye Is Harder

    Starting A New Life Is Hard, But Saying Good-Bye Is Harder
    Rifka says her good-byes and her parents give her something to remind them of, her mother's gold locket and her fathr's tallis.When Rifka arrives at Belgium she meets the couple she will be staying with, Marie and Gaton. While at Belgium, Rifka gets her reatments once a day from nun who is in ccharge for Rifka's case, her name is Sister Katrina ans at this point Rifka is bald.
  • Meeting Antwerp

    Meeting Antwerp
    Rifka explores Antwerp, Belgium, but gets lost. Luckly the was a nice milkman that gave her a ride to Gaston and Marie's house onKing Street
  • New Things

    New Things
    Rifka get used to Antwerp and discovers things that she has never had. For example; chocolate, ice cream, and banana. Rifka allso meets and becomes friends with a girl named Gizelle, who reminds Rifka of her cousin, Hanna. Rifka also buys a new black velvet hat.
  • Preparations For America

    Preparations For America
    After a year without her family, Rifka is now ready to leave Antwerp, Belgium and go to America.Rifka's hair is still not showing signs of it growing.and she learn that democratic means equal.Rifka will ride on a small baot and now there is just a great big ocean between her and her family.
  • Newly Found Friendship And Maybe Love As Well

    Newly Found Friendship And Maybe Love As Well
    Rifka meets a young sailor named Pieter and They get along very well. He sings, tells jockes and teaches Rifka to dance. After Pieter was telling Rifka how brave she was to part with her family and how clever she is to learn languages quickly, he kisses her on the lips. As he stoped and she looked up he blushed and said he had to go, leaving Rifka to aks what did she do to make him leave.
  • The Big Storm

    The Big Storm
    Rifka woke up from one bad dream to another. As she woke up she was tossed to the floor because of the angry seas. She went up to the deck and hit the metal rail. Pieter wrapped a banket around her and later put her int steerage. After the storm Rifka looks for Pieter only to find out that he has goone overboard.
  • Near Ellis Island

    Rifka is in the New York Harbor about to enter Ellis Island. She is very excited to see her family again. Rifka bases her expectations of Ellis Island on her letter from her father's letters. As Rifka sees th great Lady Liberty Rifka describes her as a great statue of a women standing in the middle of the harbor and was lifting a lamp to light the way for her and the other passengers
  • More Time Seperated From Them

    Rifka is being held at a hospital for contagious people on Ellis Island because of the ringworm she suffered in Europe. They fear that since her hair has not grown yet it won't grow ever and that because of that she might not find a husband and she will be an undesirable immigrant.
  • Setteling

    It's been a week since coming to Ellis Island and Rifka is getting used to it. Saul Came to visit, but they wouldn't let him and sent him back because they could not fing Rifka.A nurse named Nurse Bowen has taken an interest in Rifka and gives her candy while she helps Nurse Bowen clean her apartment. Rifka helps a baaby who has typhus and interperates for Polish and Russian patients because her English is getting better. Rifka meets a seven year old boy named Ilya, a Russian pesant.
  • Sauls Visit, Finally!!

    Saul has finally got to visit and see Rifka. Saul says that she has changed reffering to her hair and he is suprised when he sees her peeling a banana.Saul meets Ilya and doesn't like the fact of Rifka taking care of a Russian pesant and takes the Pushkin then dropping it , braking the star of David Rfka made. Rifka gives Saul the money she saved and told him to buy mama candlestick just like the one she had in Russia and then give the rest to the family.
  • Mother's Intuition

    Rifka's mother has came to visit. She bakes Riifka a cake for her thirthteen birthday and they talk about Rfika's health. As Rifka was telling her mother about Antwerp the baby started crying. Her mother watched as she stettled the baby.through out the time RIfka's mother was there, Ilya kept his distance.
  • Paper Use

    Ilya and Rifka went outside because of the noises coming from the machines of the workmen. Ilya disappered from her sight and was later found in a batheroom stall playing with paper. Rifka yelled at him and the ran back into the hospital and when Nurse Bowen saw them she asked what had happened. When Rifka told her she started laughing then said that in America their is plent of paper to use.
  • Dark Hours

    The baby Rifka had been taking care of had died at night. Rifka is starting to feel her head ich and is worried about having ringworm again. She is also frightened that if the doctors find out the will send her back to Russia.
  • It's Time (1)

    Today is the day that decides where Rifka and Ilya willl go. Rifka helps Ilya find a way to stay in America with his uncle By show people that he can read and has changed since comming to Ellis Island. Now it is Rifka's turn and her whole family is there, Mama, Papa, Nathan, Saul, Asher Reuben, Isaac, his wife Sadie and their baby, Aaron.
  • It's Time (2)

    Rifka is still worried about her hair so she tells them that she does no need hair to get a husband. Dr. Askin said that she could grow up to be a doctor, but Mr Fargate says he is still worried about her hair. As Dr. Askin took off her kerchief and Saul said, " Rifka your hair." Rifka said that whatever it was it will go away, but Nurse Bowen said that it might not go away and told her to feel it. Rifka felt her hair and now she can finally go to America with her family.