Lemon Brown Timeline

  • Greg goes in the building

    It begins to rain and Greg finds his way into an old empty building and waits for the rain to stop.
  • Scratching

    Greg hears a strange sctratching that stops and starts.
  • Old Man

    Greg hears the noise again and hears what sounds like footsteps and an old man comes out and threatens to have a razor.
  • Conversation

    Greg explains he was just trying to escape the rain and means no harm then him and the old man have a conversationsation and he learns the old mans name is Lemon Brown and he tells his story.
  • Intruders

    3 intruders break in to steal Lemon Brown's so called treasure and Greg and Lemon Brown hide from them together.
  • Hiding

    Greg and Lemon brown hid from the intruders and hoped they wouldn't find them.
  • Lemon Brown scares intruders

    Lemon Brown scares the intruders by jumping at the down the stairs and scares them into leaving.
  • Home

    Greg goes back to his house without the threat of the robbers thanks to Lemon Brown.
  • My Birthday

    I was born September 7th, 2001, around 5 in the afternoon.
  • 9/11

    9/11 was 4 day after I was born.
  • Aiken (little brother)

    My little brother Aiken was born.
  • Started volleyball

    I started playing volleyball for the first time in 2008 and I have been plaing ever since.
  • Art Contest

    I learned that i was good at drawing in 3rd grade because i won first place in an art contest.
  • Denied true self

    In the 5th grade I tried to act like evryone else and not how I really acted.
  • Got my first horse

    I came home from church and my mom had brought my horse I had taken lessons on and she was st my house as a surprise for me. Her name is Angel.
  • Middle school

    I started middle school.
  • Great Grandma died

    My great grandma died. I dont remember the month and day.
  • Searching for true self

    In middle school I couldn't figure out who I was suposed to be.
  • Jammers Volleyball

    I did my first year of travel volleyball in 7th grade.