John tuner

Legacy of John Turner

  • Birth

    John Turner was born in 1929, Richmond, Surrey, England.
  • Move to Canada

    After his father's death, in 1932 Turner and his mother moved to Rossland, British Columbia. Later settling in Vancouver when his mother remarried Frank Mackenzie Ross, Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia,
  • Enrollment in University.

    He enrolled at the University of British Columbia in 1945 at age 16, and went on to be one of Canada's track sprinters in the late 1940s, qualifying for the 1948 Olympic team.
  • Graduation from UBC

    He graduated from UBC with a B.A. Honours in 1949, becoming a Rhodes Scholar for Oxford University.
  • Oxford University

    Turner went to to Magdalen College at the University of Oxford, where he recieved a B.A., Jurisprudence, 1951; a Bachelor of Civil Law, 1952; and an M.A., 1957.
  • Married

    to Geills McCrae Kilgour
  • Registrar General of Canada

    Before becoming Prime Minister of Canada, Turner was the Registrar General of Canada under Lester B Pearson.
  • 23rd Solicitor General of Canada

    Under The Prime Ministership of Lester B Pearson, Turner was appointed 23rd Solicitor general of Canada.
  • Elected Prime Minister

    Elected 17th Prime Minister of Canada, only in office September 17, 1984
  • Retires

    Retires from Politics
  • Lawyer

    Turner returned to private practice as a lawyer at Miller Thomson LLP.
  • Companion of the Order of Canada.

    Was appointed as a Companion of the Order of Canada.