Lebron James

  • Bith

    Lebron james was born in akron.Ohio
  • Lost father

    Lost father
    her father not returns home because of problems with drink
  • problems began

    problems began
    Eddy Jackson surrogate parent, the police he arrest for cocaine trafficking
  • Change your life

    Change your life
    Frank Walker he taught to play basketball 3 years
  • First championship

    First championship
    It was their first school championship, reached the final but lost
  • nba roki year

    nba roki year
    Player of the Year in his first season
  • Roki Dream Team

    Roki Dream Team
    wins his team first
  • olympics

    won the bronze medal for the United States
  • All-star

    wins the award for best NBA star 7 times
  • Meeting All-Star NBA

     Meeting All-Star NBA
    was selected 7 times for the meeting 2005-2011
  • top scorer in the nba

    top scorer in the nba
    win the title for the first and only time
  • Olympics

    won the gold medal for the United States
  • NBA All-Defensive

    NBA All-Defensive
    best five defensive league wins
  • MVP de la NBA

    MVP de la NBA
    Win the MVP award (best player in the league)
  • 2010

    win the award again
  • NBA All-Defensive

    NBA All-Defensive
    win the award again