Lead up to World War II

  • Stalin comes to power

    Stalin comes to power
    Sometime in late 1917 Joeseph Staliin took over as the leader of th Communist Party. This was the first time any country became communist.
  • Treaty of Verasailles

    The Treaty of Versailles marked the end of the first world war, but marked the start of the next one. The Treaty of Versailles had very harsh demands on Germany and Hitler went against these demands and promised to make germany powerful again. This event is very important because its what hitler used to gain his power.
  • Mussolini comes to power

    Mussolini comes to power
    This is the first time benito mussolini came to power in italy. he made italy a fascist country, where the milliatary are used as police.
  • Period: to

    Germany faces Hsyper-Inflation

    With unrealistic reparation payments due Germany became desperate, so desperate they started just printing money, and this caused the Mark (the German dollar) to become utterly worthless.
  • Period: to

    Hitlers rise to power

    In this time Hitler worked his way up the ranks of the polltical scale. fisrt coming to power in 1923 with the small National Socialist German Workers Party to becoming the Chancellor of Germany
  • Period: to

    The Great Terror

    This was Stalin's way of getting things done. Anyone considered an enemy of Stalins goals or thought to be anti-communist was executed.
  • Japan Invades Manchuria

    This was Japans first attack of the Second World War era, and it was the invasion of the Chinese industrial province Manchuria. League of Nations tried to intervene but had no means of doing so.
  • HItler's first chance at real power

    By this time in late 1932 German's were fed up with the old Weimer Republic and were left with to options, to the left the Communist Party, and to the right the NAZI Party. The NAZI's won but it wasn't a majority like HItler wanted/needed. So he worked hard for a second election campaign.
  • Period: to

    Nuremburg Laws

    These were the laws that striped Jews of their rights, property, religion, and safety. These laws included all Jews must wear a clearly visible Star of David, Jews would no longer be German citizens, and they could not have a professional career or property.
  • Period: to

    Hitler as Chancellor

    As Chancellor of Germany (later known as Furher) Hitler did many things such as implement a strong feeling of anti-semitism in Germany, bring Germany out of the Depression and made Germany strong again, and most importantly started World War II. this event is important as Hitler was the main reason for World War II.
  • Hitler's second election

    Hitler's second election
    As Hitler did win the first election, it was not a majority government. Without a majority government the NAZI's couldn't do everything they wanted/needed. He won the second election but he still did not have a majority government so he kicked the Communist party out of parliment, giving the NAZI's a majority government. This is important as it shows Hitler's desire for power and how he will disregard rules, and do whatever neccesary for personal gain.
  • Night of Long Knives

    As Hitler now had full power of Germany he decided to really end his opposition. By this i mean he killed around 1000 people opposed to him, mostly having high ranking positions. This event was important because it first showed Hitlers evil, and ruthless intentions, and how you must not stand in the way of Hitler, or you wwill die.
  • Italy attacks Abyssina

    Italy attacks Abyssina
    Italy's first sign of aggresion in The Second World War Era they attacked the african country of Abyssina, the League of Nations tried again to intervene, this time in the form of trade sanctions, but not against italy's oil trade, which was crucial for its war machine.
  • Hitler remillitarized

    This area was demillitarized by the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler believed if he did this no one would question or punish him, and he was correct.
  • Francisco Franco gets Hitler's support

    The fascist uprising in Spain lead by Francisco Franco was supported by Hitler, and HItler even sent weapons to aid Franco.
  • Hitler takes Austria

    As other nations around the world were caustious of another war many adopted appeasment towards Hitler which just added fuel to the fire. Hitler wanted to test the boundry's of appeasment so he invaded Austria.
  • Hitlers "Last territorial claim"

    Britain and France had enough with Hitlers expansion and he said taking the Sudetenland, and west Czechoslovakia would be his last territorial claim.
  • Kristallnacht

    The attack on all Jewish buissneses, religion, property, and people. Called Kristallnacht beacuse of all the broken glass on the streets the next day from the vandelism of Jewish property. One of the larger events of anti-semitism under the NAZI regiem.
  • NAZI-Soviet Pact

    Stalin knew that Fascism is opposed to Communism so Stalin knew eventually HItler would target the Soviets. In order to protect the Soviets Stalin singed a non-aggresion pact with HItler Stating that if either got into a war they wouldn't declare war on each other.
  • Germany invades Poland

    Germany invades Poland
    The germans invade poland NOvember 1st 1939 to start the second world war. this is one of the most important events as this was the final push, which started the war.