Labor Systems from 1750-1914 in Latin America and Caribbean 2004

  • Period: to


    system that gave settlers the right to tax local Indians or to demand their labor in exchange for protectig them and teaching them skills
    ex. Caribbean countries
  • Period: to

    Wage Labor

    1750= not very popular, very minimal
    initrially just among middle clas ( mestizos and mulatos)
  • Period: to


    began because the native population decline because of new disease so they needed a larger work force
    because to increase bc mita decreased and more plantations needed more workers and demand for goods, like suger, increased
    stopped because abolished with new humanist movements and serverly declined but some illegal account in Brazil after
  • Period: to


    labor system used for lands assianged to the state and the relgion; all communties were expected to contribute, an essential aspect of Inca imperial control
    subject to poor condition in mines= similar to same time in Africa with El Mina with Portuguese working Africans to get goods, like gold
    decreased bc not enough natives bc of disease and move away to avoid this obigation to work and then bc of deconoization and independence movements
  • Period: to

    Indenured workers

    in return for working for about 5 or 7 years, people would be brought over from their home country to the Americas and provided with all the staples needed for living
    filled need for household workers and personal servants
    after slavery was abolished the need for indentured servants intensified