Labor History Timeline

  • Period: to

    Building a New Nation

  • American Revolution begins

  • First strike in building trades by Philadelphia carpenters for a 10-hour day bill of Rights adopted

  • Period: to

    Struggles for Freedom

  • Slave importation prohibited

  • Seneca Falls women’s rights convention

  • 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolishes slavery

  • Period: to

    Orgins of Today's Union Movement

  • National Labor Union founded

  • National uprising of railroad workers Ten Irish coal miners ("Molly Maguires") hanged in Pennsylvania; nine more subsequently were hanged

  • American Federation of Labor founded

  • Period: to

    The Progressive Era

  • Woodrow Wilson takes office as president and appoints the first secretary of labor, William B. Wilson of the Mine Workers

  • Leadership of Industrial Workers of the World sentenced to federal prison oncharges of disloyalty to the United States

  • Period: to

    Repression and Depression

  • 19th Amendment to the Constitution gives women the right to vote

  • Stock market crashes as stocks fall 40 percent; Great Depression begins

  • Period: to

    Democrotizing America

  • Auto Workers win sit-down strike against General Motors in Flint, Mich. Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters wins contract with Pullman Co.

  • U.S. troops enter combat in World Wal II National War Labor Board created with union members

  • Period: to

    The Fight for Economic and Social Justice