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La Vida Vinlove

By jvinlov
  • Birth

    I started out as a child in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Move to Duluth

    Slept in a drawer and crib with a bee's nest overhead - allergic to this day.
  • Capital Punishment

    Miss Besteul, first grade 70 year old teacher, yanked and twisted my ear for what? I don't know, but it stuck with me. I think I was holding my pencil the wrong way, which also stuck with me.
  • Move to Naperville, Illinois

  • A New Hope

    Star Wars came out and it was one of the first movies I saw on a big screen. Changed my life and collected trading cards, made drawings and stories, for three years until Empire came out
  • The Empire Strikes Back

    I am your father.
  • The Return of the Jedi

    Slave Leia
  • Moved to Ashland, Oregon

  • Tarragona, Spain Exchange Student

    Studied for my first semester of Senior Year in Spain, gained Spanish fluency
  • Graduated From Ashland High

    National Honor Society
  • Period: to


  • Entered University of Oregon

    Psychology Major, played in rock band
  • Northwest Youth Corps Crewleader

    NYCTrail building, camping for 6 weeks at a time
  • Changed Major to Geography

  • Studied at Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

  • Exchange Program to Quito, Ecuador

    Exchange Program to Quito, Ecuador
    Studied Tropical Ecology, Anthropology, Spanish, lived with host family
  • Graduated from University of Oregon

  • Biological Technician, US Forest Service

    Counted endangered Northern Spotted Owls in Oregon
  • Entered in US Peace Corps, Guatemala

    3 years of volunteering to improve lives of Mayan indigenous people
  • Travel

    Honduras, Belize, Mexico for 6 months
  • Tour Guide, Haines, Alaska

    Led cruise ship passengers on hikes, bus tours, and kayak trips seeing bald eagles, salmon, and grizzly bears
  • Tour Guide, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

    Led trips to Mayan ruins, families, and cenotes
  • Vegetarian Chef/Bagel Bakery, Sata Cruz, Guatemala

  • Taught English in Jeju-Do, South Korea

    Taught English in Jeju-Do, South Korea
  • UPS Driver, Denver, CO

  • Manual High School Teaching Job

    Taught Biology in Spanish, Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Physics, and Geography
  • Marriage

    Married the lovely Tara in Antigua, Guatemala at the Casa Santo Domingo. Fairytale wedding with family, fun, and fireworks.
  • George Washington High School

    Started work at the wonderful and illustrious G-Dubb! Teaching Earth Science and Biology to 9th and 10th graders.
  • Brady Born!

    Brady Born!
    My lovely and precious Daughter, Brady, was born after a long and laborious process at 3:13 AM.
  • Avery Born!

    Avery Born!
    His real name is Lucas