L2SA - Civi UK

By JohnnyM
  • Period: May 1, 1101 to May 1, 1180

    12th cent. : Anglo-Norman Conquest

  • May 1, 1175

    Treaty of Windsor

    Signed by Henry II, with the High King of Ireland Rory O'Conor. Sanctionned the English King's suzerainty over Ireland.
  • May 1, 1556

    Beginning of "politics of plantation"

  • May 1, 1560

    Anglicanism becomes thes established religion in Ireland

  • Period: to

    Tyrone's rebellion (or Nine Years War)

  • Campaign of destruction in Ulster

  • Unification of the Crowns of England and Scotland

  • The Flight of the Earls

  • Period: to

    Protestant Ascendancy (Penal Laws)

  • Catholic's right to buy land

  • Catholic's right to do more jobs and to vote

  • Act of Union between GB and Ireland

  • Daniel O'Connel elected in Parliament

  • Catholic Emancipation Act

    • right to be elected
  • 1st Reform Act

  • Factory Act (by Lord Ashley)

  • Ban of the Orange Order

  • Infant Custody Act

  • Coal Mines Act (by Lord Ashley)

  • Period: to

    The Great Famine

  • Death of Daniel O'Connell

  • "Brief Summary of the Laws of England concerning Women"

    Also re-published in 1869
  • 1st Matrimonial Causes Act (or Divorce Act)

  • Period: to

    Langham Place Group

  • Fenian Brotherhood created // English Woman's Journal

  • Society for the Promotion of the Employment of Women (SPEW) created

  • 1st Contagious Diseases Act

  • 1st Reform Act // 1st women petition presented in Parliament by John Stuart Mill // 2nd Contagious Diseases Act

  • 2nd Reform Act // Fenians try to launch a rebellion in Ireland, terrorist attacks in England cities // National Society for Women's Suffrage (NSWS) created

  • Gladstone elected Prime Minister

  • Abolition of the tithe in Ireland (for Catholics) // Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland // "The Subjection of Women", by John Stuart Mill // Municipal Franchise Act // 3rd Contagious Diseases Act

    Municipal Franchise Act : Women's right to vote for municipal councils
  • Gladstone's 1st Land Act // Home Government Association (later Home Rule Party) created // 1st Married Women's Property Act

  • London National Society for Women's Suffrage splits from other suffrage societies

  • Girls' Public School Company created

  • Gladstone's educational reforms (failure) // Fenians renamed the Irish Republican Brotherhood // Home Rule League created (became later Irish Parliamentary Party) // Girton College, Cambridge created

    Girton College : 1st college of higher education for women.
  • 59 candidates of Home Rule Party elected in Parliament. Becomes Irish Home Rule Party // London School of Medicine for Women created

  • Parnell elected in Parliament and leader of the Irish group in Parliament

  • Women allowed to register as doctors

  • 2nd Matrimonial Causes Act

  • Huge agricultural crisis // Land League created

  • Parnell leader of the Irish Home Rule Party // Forced evictions

  • Period: to

    Land War

  • Coercion Act // 2nd Land Act (adopted) // Parnell, Davitt... arrested

  • Treaty of Kilmainham (end of Land War) // Phoenix Park Murders // 2nd Married Women's Property Act

  • Fenian bombs on the London Underground (72 injured)

  • Gaelic Athletic Association created // 3rd Reform Act

  • Home Rule Party got 86 Irish seats over 103 in Parliament

  • Irish MPs ally with Liberals (Gladstone) for Home Rule // 1st Home Rule bill (rejected) // Repeal of Contagious Diseases Acts

  • Women's right to vote for county councils // Lady Sandhurst candidate in London County : elected

  • "Appeal Against Female Suffrage" signed by 104, then by 2000 women // Women's Franchise League created

  • Home Rule Party splits between "Parnellians" and "anti-Parnellians"

  • Death of Parnell // Land Act (Balfour)

  • 2nd Home Rule bill (rejected) // National Gaelic League created

  • National Union of Women's Suffrage Society (NUWSS) created

  • Law abolishing landlordism (final law) // Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) created. Later became the Suffragettes

  • Birth of the Sinn Féin

    Irish republican association which was to become a successful political party.
  • Women's Freedom League

  • Women National Anti-Suffrage League created

  • 3rd Home Rule bill introduced in the British Parliament // Solemn League and Covenant signed in Ulster // Formation of the Ulster Volunteer Force

  • 3rd Home Rule bill passed, but application suspended during the war

  • Easter Rising

  • Eamon De Valera leader of the Sinn Féin

  • Sinn Féin got 73 seats over 105 in Parliament // Formation of the Dail Eireann // Women's right to vote

  • Declaration of Irish independence by Dail Eireann

  • Period: to

    2 Irish civil wars (one is Anglo-Irish)

  • Government of Ireland Act (for division of Ireland)

  • Anglo-Irish Treaty

    Ireland is officially partitionned into Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland. Southern Ireland becomes the Irish Free State. Northern Ireland remains part of Britain and is given Home Rule (its own assembly, which sits in Belfast).