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  • germany 1933

    germany 1933
    Germany in january 1933 belivied that geramans were " racially superor" and that the jews , deemed "inferior" were an alien threat to the so-called german racial commity
  • nine

    January 1933 , the jewish population in europe stood at over nine million.
  • deported

    The germans targated the non-Jewish polish intelligentsia for killing , and deported million of polish and soviet civilians forced lobor in germany or in occupied poland.
  • nazi

    As nazi tyranny spead across europe , the germans and their collaborators perseccuted and mundered millions of other people
  • kilings

  • killed

    By 1945 , the germans their collaborators killed near two out of three europe jews as part of the "FINAL SOLUTION" the nazi policy to munder jews of europe.
  • munder

    Altought jews , whom the nazis deemed a priority danger to germany , were the primary victims