Kristi New


    It was a Saturday morning in ipswich hospital and after a long labor of 15hours a new born girl was bought into the world, i went by the name of Kristi Lee New. At a weight of 6 pounds 13 ounces i seemed to be fit and good untill 3 days in when the nurses realised i had Jaundice. This caused me to be put into special care for the next 5 days. with a good recovery i was bought home and started my life being raised by my lovly parents Sharon and Jason New.

    on a friday morning, of the 3rd of april it was another visit to the ipswich hopsital as mum went into labor with my soon to be little brother. He was born at ..... after a labor of ..... his name was Corey. at first i thought it was awsome having a little baby around the house untill he became big enough to walk and talk.

    5 years had past