Kordell's timeline

  • Slaves are introduced to American

    First slave is sold in virgina colorny
  • 1st amendment

    1st law in the bill of rights.
    everyone has the right to freedom of speech, relgin and press.
  • England

    Slavery is abolished in England
  • Period: to

    The 16th president.

    Abraham lincion became presadent and helped Black Americans become free.
  • Lincion shocks the u.s

    Lincion signs the emencipation proclamtion dureing the civil war.
    This allows black americans the oppatunity to fight for the union allong side wight people.
  • KKK was formed

    a groupe of people who think wight power is the only way of life.
    back in the 1866 they would kill black people and threaten to kill them if they voted.
  • black codes

    laws passed in the south that keeped black citizens from haveing a voice in goverment and the court room. also keeped them from voteing. they had no civil rights even tho they where free when the law was in afect. they had to pass the litracy test to vote. they had to pay a pole tax to vote.
  • 15th amendment

    Black men have the right to vote
    Let Black americans got to go to school in the south.
  • Jim Crow Laws

    Laws in the south that kept blacks and wight people sefregated in publick places.
  • the abolitionist of the civil rights act of 1875

    Surprim court destroys the civil rights act and make segragatin part of every day life again. This made black people fell like what abraham lincin did to make everyone equal was just threw away and that they where back where the started.
  • 13th amendment

    Slavery is illgalin the u.s
    Blacks were set free but they had no work no place to live and no money. They countenued to work on the farms for money but they where getting paid less then everyone else.
  • Plessy vs Fergeson

    A surprim court case that came togather because a black man (Plessy) sat in a wight only section on a train and got kicked of by the trian company (Fergeson). After this case three words decribed how the black amiericans they where "Separat but equal".
  • Women get to vote

    Women get the right to vote. This made women equal in the goverment for the first time ever.
  • Period: to

    The civil rights movement

    Americans protested segratin laws.
    Black citzens gaind the right to go to school with wight citzens and this made segration illagal. Martin lurther king jr was one of the most powerful speakers and leaders dureing this time.
  • Obama

    First afican american eleted presdent.