Kiwi ads from 2003 to 2018

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  • "DIY Kids" Mitre 10 ad

    This hilarious ad is full of stereotypical New Zealand quotes, and it makes fun of Aussies. For me, that is already a good ad. It is about some kids who are talking about putting up a retaining wall, and the two kiwis are discussing doing it themselves, and when they ask the Aussie is he wants to help he says "mate, ya dreaming!" Do it yourself is the slogan of Mitre 10, and this ad conveys that message very well. It's humor and relevance is perfect for a memorable ad.
  • "Stickman" Pac'n'save ad

    Pac'n'saves stickman ad was a clever mix of NZ humor and simplicity. Comedian Paul Ego wrote and performed this ad for pac'n'save in 2008, and it did extremely well. So well, in fact, that there has been another new pac'n'save stickman ad almost every week until today.
  • "Hilux Bulls" Toyota ad

    This ad was about two bulls that stole a farmer's car to go and visit the cows in the other paddock. Being bulls, they can't drive very well, and so on the way, they smash through countless obstacles, and the truck comes out unscathed. this is a joking way to show the power and invincibility of their truck.
  • "The Big NZ Shout" Air New Zealand ad

    This ad is very short but conveys a seemingly great deal properly. It uses some clever editing and a cool Kiwi accent to catch your attention.
  • "Ghost Chips" Anti drink-driving ad

    This anti-drink driving commercial that aired in 2011 gained traction because it was really funny and very, very kiwi. It's a good laugh for everyone, but you probably need to be kiwi to get the weird humor. The ad has a bit of a story to it too, and it is quite wholesome.
  • "Skittles Pox" Skittles ad

    There was this Skittles ad that compared skittles to an infectious disease. My first reaction when I watched it was a little bit grossed out, but it certainly got my attention. Because this ad is so different and weird, it sticks in your mind, making it a very effective ad.
  • "Blazed" NZ roads drug driving ad

    Blazed is about two Maori kids arguing over who's dad drives better after they have been "blazing". It's very funny and cute, and very Kiwi in style. It's kinda sad at the end because you can see on the kid's face he doesn't actually feel too good about his dad blazing, even if he says it's cool.
  • "Make Love Not War" Lynx deodorant ad

    This ad is incredibly heartwarming, it genuinely gave me the shivers when I watched it. I think it is the best ad ever to be put on tv. There are all kinds of grim war situations going on at the start, but they all find a way to become heartwarming shows of affection.
  • "Get Lost" Hyundai ad

    This at star a young girl who seems to be telling everyone to "get lost" which seems disrespectful but at the end, you find out that she was just meaning go out for an adventure or something.
  • "Drive Straight"

    This controversial ad shows the dangers of someone driving under the influence of marijuana. It is interesting because it actually shows someone using a bang at the end which you don't really see on normal television.
  • "Do You Care Enough To Be A Cop?" NZ police Recruitment ad

    The New Zealand police make a video like this every year, but this is the best one yet. It is fast pace, heartwarming, and hilarious.
  • "What would You Do?" Lotto ad

    Another heartwarming ad shows two workmates and friends talking about what they would do if they won the lotto, only for one of them to surprise the other with a winning lotto ticket.