Kira 27march southernterminus

Kira and "Jim" on PCT

  • James William Parrillo BORN

    Mother: Marylka ?
    Father: James Parrillo, Sr.
    Grandmother: Enid Lathrop (deceased)
    Sister: Kim Parrillo-Campos (3 years senior)
  • Son, Mikel, born

    Son, Mikel, born
    Michael? Mykel?
  • C.A. ferreted away from her family.

    C.A. ferreted away from her family.
    C's mom meets Angelo Parrillo as an inmate in Wenatchee WA @ Chelan Cty Regional Jail where he had been arrested for local check fraud in Omak area. When released she befriended him and when C's boyfriend passed away in May mom thought traveling with Angelo was a great idea. She forced C to first go to CA with him to his g-ma's house in Big Bear. Once back, he convinced mom to let him drive C on a biz trip to NY thus beginning year-long horror. She escaped from San Jose CA. They have a daughter.
  • Marriage to Myla Star Salmon Annulled

    Marriage to Myla Star Salmon Annulled
    Harris, TX
    Judgment on 6/19/1993
    Case # 199308213-7
    No records for the marriage since it was annulled and names changed back, but the defendant on this court record is Angelo Anthony Parrillo aka James William Parrillo aka Angelo Gambino
  • Valerie Earick case

    Valerie Earick case
    AIRS Case #OC9401002 FL Dept of LE
    Valerie meets him (Angelo Anthony DeCompo) at Sheffields Truck Stop Ocala FL. Story in link above. Unsolved Mysteries episode on this case: Photo is certainly him. (JW Parrillo)
  • Valerie Earick's ordeal ends.

    Valerie convinces bellman Donald Fitts at the Tutwiler Hotel in Birmingham, Ala. that she is in danger and he helps her escape him by lying down in the back of the hotel's courtesy van and taking her to police. Within minutes, DeCompo went to the front desk and asked if the staff had seen her, "We lied through our teeth and said `No.' It was obvious to us something was wrong. I told everybody to play dumb." DeCompo soon left with a backpack, leaving Valerie's things behind in the room.
  • James Parrillo holds captain and crew hostage 4 hour standoff with police. Bahia Mar, FL Charges filed for armed burglary, false imprisonment, resisting arrest with violence. Acquitted of all charges, probably because he said he was suicidal. AIRS Case #MI94485368
  • Complaint/Affidavit Filed • USA v. Parrillo

  • Offense Date

    Statute: 0300 - IMMIGRATION
    Offense date: Dec 30, 1997
    Arrest date: Jul 28, 1998
  • booked/released • Northern Neck Regional Jail

    Warsaw, VA
    Statute: 0300 - IMMIGRATION
    Offense date: Jan 26, 1998
    Arrest date: Jan 26, 1998
  • Booked/Released • Northern Neck Regional Jail

    Warsaw, VA Statute: 0300 - IMMIGRATION
    Offense date: Apr 23, 1998
    Arrest date: Apr 23, 1998
  • Judgement & Sentencing USA v. Parrillo

    Sentencing held before Judge Claude M. Hilton (Reporter: Linnell) USA appeared through: Tom Connolly Dft(s) appeared w/counsel Frank Salvato James William Parrillo (1) count(s)
    1. Judgment: Guilty.
    Dft committed to custody of US BOP for 20 mos. w/3 year supervised release term and assessed $100.
    Cond. of SR: substance abuse testing/treatment at the direction of PO, mental health counseling at direction of PO. Court rec. that the dft be incarcerated at Butner. Dft remanded. (psid)
  • Booked/Released • Northern Neck Regional Jail

    Warsaw, VA
  • Parole Violation Bench Warrant Issued USA v. Parrillo

    Miscellaneous DocumentCourt Filing
    PETITION AND ORDER on Probation/Supervised Release as to James William Parrillo that the Court will Order a warrant to be issued directing that the offender appear before the Court to show cause why supervision should not be revoked - ent & filed (signed by Judge Claude M. Hilton ) Filed: 7/20/1999, Entered: 7/20/1999
    BENCH WARRANT issued as to James William Parrillo (no bond recommendation)
  • Case #: FED9992S9

    Offense date: Dec 18, 1999
    Arrest date: Feb 1, 2000
  • Warrant Executed USA v. Parrillo

    OrderCourt Filing
    ORDER OF TEMPORARY DETENTION as to James William Parrillo ( Signed by Magistrate Judge Theresa C. Buchanan ) Warrant Returned Executed
    ARREST WARRANT Returned Executed as to James William Parrillo on 1/11/00
  • Booked • Northern Neck Regional Jail

    Warsaw, VA James William Parrillo
  • Released • Northern Neck Regional Jail

  • Stafford, VA Case #179GC0000190100

    Felony Unauthorized Use 18.2-102 (GTA?)
    Disposition: Fugitive File
  • Remanded for SR Release Violation

    Supervised Release Violation Hearing as to James William Parrillo held before Judge Claude M. Hilton ( Reporter: Linnell) USA appeared through: Karin Richards Dft(s) appeared w/counsel Frank Salvato. Dft admits viol. of conditions of SR. Court finds dft in viol. of cond. of SR. Dft committed to custody of US Atty Gen. to serve a term of 6 mos. and SR is terminated. Dft remanded. (psid)
  • Failure to Appear (felony)

    Failure to Appear (felony)
    Stafford, VA
    Case #179GC0000190101
    Charges filed Oct 2, 2000 Arrested Jun 21, 2004 • GUILTY • Disposition Date Dec 6, 2004 Assuming that he did a few years here for these charges. ID below from flickr.
  • Case # BA238843, LA County, CA

    felony kidnapping, grand theft, violation custody decree
    co-defendant Laura Michele Lyde
    Sentencing date: January 30, 2003 He gets 3 years any state prison. She is exonerated on February 21, 2003. NEED MORE INFO ON THIS CASE Kira says a Laura was mentioned frequently. She helped him "catfish for cock".
  • All lies interview with "Ecoterrorist" James W. Parrillo in AZ

    Published on Feb 25, 2013, youtube. All lies Comments on this page led me to find his sister Kim.
  • James Parrillo creates profile

    James Parrillo creates profile
    Fake address, as far as I can tell. Information supports his eco-terrorist AND diver persona claims.
  • blogspot • James Parrillo connects to this Google+ profile: All bullshit, via family.
  • "Will" (March) *Number goes to vm*

    "Will" (March) *Number goes to vm*
    via Angela Armstrong. Hiked with him a couple of days in March, before he met Kira. Called himself Will. He lives in California retired military
    This is the same guy but he said his name was Will
    He said he has family in Washington
    He was a medic in the mil
    he said he hiked sobo last year and he was just finishing after being off the trail. Then he turned around and started northbound.
  • 2017/2018 • "WILL"

    via Judy Schmidt: The PCTA had a guy named Jay stationed at the Southern Terminus to check permits. Will was a buddy of his. (waiting on info followup) "She said the guy’s email address is or He has a daughter in Bellevue, WA." He also said he was from Santa Cruz but didn’t really have a home because he’d been on trail for so long. He intended to turn around and go northbound from the ST at least until he was closer to Santa Cruz.
  • Section A/B • Will.

    Hiked out of Campo & met Will a cpl days later going sobo but turned around to help this guy Ryan R & W stayed in camp a cpl days w/ husband I continued Hub took them town cpl times. R left & I went on hiking & hub moved on. R said W was going 2 turn around & hike nobo w/ him but never showed W kept asking hub for rides & he had to eventually yell @ him & leave W said headed to Mex. border Claimed he was headed sobo in 2017 & had to leave trail bc injury & was finishing it now AngelaArmstrong
  • "Will" possibly...

    "Will" possibly...
    The number at the top of that belongs to a guy named Ryan who was hiking with Will for a few days. I haven't talked to him in a while but maybe he knows something. The man who volunteered at the southern start point new him well. maybe you can find out who this volunteer is through the PCT association? (waiting for more info)
  • Kira begins trek • Southern Terminus

    Kira enters the PCT with hikers including Thomas Phillip Moore, aka Pacer. He gives her the trail name "Steel Magnolia" for her custom shoes.
  • Jay Cerilo starts his instagram page

  • Lake Morena Campgrounds

    Lake Morena Campgrounds
    Kira posts selfie with other hikers on instagram. we are not certain that she hasn't already met Jim at this point.
  • "Jay Cerilo" starts twitter page.

  • Carmen's Garden, Julian, CA

    "She and Jim stayed with me twice. She signed my log 3/27. She is super tiny and spent a few days healing. He helped me with some IT issues. They left together and a couple days later they showed back up. They made it to WS and then hitched back to my place for a couple more zeros. Steel wasn’t doing well & Jim had to carry her at one point. Steel spent most of her downtime carrying my puppy around. She is such a sweet woman! I pray that all is well and she is found safe."—Carmen They met here.
  • Hitched back to Carmen's Garden

    Erika Lawson picks them up on March 31. They were hitching with another couple of people (who decided to wait and head the other direction) from San Felipe Rd., down through Scissors Crossing, and to Carmen's in Julian. I agree with the other posters that it seemed like he was honestly concerned for her well-being, but it was also just very odd, the way he talked about her like she wasn't there, and a few other things that were just odd about their "relationship."
  • Warner Springs

    Callie Manning sees them in Warner Springs for the first time. Confirmed.
  • Warner Springs timespan

    From the PCT page: Doug Sensenig I met them in WS while we were there 4/4 - 4/7. His (Jim) phone is 619-916-5823, email hikingthepct2018(at) This number goes to vm
    Patrice from WS center gives us same 619 number.
  • Warner Springs

    Warner Springs
    With Jim/Jay at this point. He does IT for the Warner Springs Community Resource Center. They spent 4-5 days there around 5 April. Patrice Molloy, the administrator of the Warner Springs Community Resource Center
  • Seen leaving Idyllwild

    Seen leaving Idyllwild
  • Facebook Message from Kira

    APR 13TH, 9:00PM
    Brandi, I want to tell you something nobody else knows. I’m joining the cougar club. I’ve fallen big for my hiking partner and it’s mutual. Tell me if you want to know all about him. I think it’s serious.
  • Warner Springs

    Callie Manning sees them again in WS. Confirmed.
  • Gorgonio Pass

    One is a former military field doctor known as Medic, naturally enough, who’s been taking care of so many others that he himself has fallen weeks behind schedule. Among them is a tanned, wiry woman named Steel, who seems dangerously unprepared for the PCT, unable to carry her own food and water or hike more than five to eight miles a day. Medic’s sticking with her, part pack mule, part guide.
  • under the I-10 Oasis in Cabazon

    under the I-10 Oasis in Cabazon
    have a picture of her under the I-10 Oasis in Cabazon that was taken April 19. So I must have hosted them from the 19th -20th. So she had made it down from San Jacinto past Idllywild. —Paula Boydston Jay tells Paula he is dying of cancer, awaiting funds to be deposited in his account, and bums meals & supplies. Claims both to be IT guy and former ARMY medic.
  • Mile 225 (Whitewater Preserve)

    "Two hikers, Medic, and Steel, rolled up. Medic is a former Army medic. Just the day before he participated in the rescue of a distressed hiker who had suffered heat stroke. He had to be air lifted out, and is lucky to be alive."
  • Mission Creek Camp Trail, Mi 240

    Thibaud Ernotte Hi. I met her and medic on May 23, at Mission Creek Trail camp, mi240. From my understanding, they said they were hiking south at that time. Then I met them again in big Bear lake two days later, because she needed to eat and rest before they could hike on.
  • Big Bear Lake

    Thibaud Ernotte Hi. I met her and medic on May 23, at Mission Creek Trail camp, mi240. From my understanding, they said they were hiking south at that time. Then I met them again in big Bear lake two days later, because she needed to eat and rest before they could hike on.
  • Big Bear Lake Memorial Day Weekend

    Irishman (trail name): Met them at the start of the journey at big bear lake. Memorial Day weekend. Jim says he and K have been married 5 years, right after J's wife died & was ex-NAVY medic (yet did not know to sterilize need to lance blister) selling property in CA & living on yacht. Said they were going to Greece after trek. On way to meet daughter who was MD resident in SEA or PDX & then heading out. All stayed for night in BBL in prvt home next to motel 6. Gave out K's ph # for contact.
  • Big Bear Lake pt 2.

    Irishman did say this guy was in command and he had heard other trail ladies disliking him but he thought he was a upstanding guy taking care of Kira cooking for her carting her stuff and that he thought it was weird that this guy would have his frail wife out there that this trail was very very dangerous that you could fall off and never be found again... UGH!
  • Hair coloring-Idyllwild

    Hair coloring-Idyllwild
    Kira posts pics on fb of dark haircolor, courtesy of Jim. Pics are taken in salon in Idyllwild.
  • Jim sends dick pics to [male name redacted]

    they flirt over the course of almost 2 months until Jim says he is deleting fb and turning off phone.
  • facebook update from kira

    facebook update from kira
    posts recap photos from earlier on the trail
  • Idyllwild/Big Bear

    Idyllwild/Big Bear
    via Dmitri Lenaerts:
    I saw them once in Big bear around the 5th-11th of July, they stayed at the house of the trail angels i was staying at hey were going SOBO that time, back towards whitewater creek according to Jay. The first time i saw them was around the 11th of June at Idyllwild, when they were going NOBO. That implies they did section C of the PCT twice, but in a different direction. I have no idea why they would do that.
    J tells him that they are tired of the trail and going to Hawaii.
  • instagram/phone number

    instagram/phone number
    808 number attached is number that is used from this point forward as far as we know. screenshot info from Dmitri Laenarts
  • youtube videos Jay Cerilo uploads 4 videos to youtube, there is nothing else posted on his page. The first video is shot in Julian, CA.
  • Morongo Cabazon Casino • Starbucks

    Morongo Cabazon Casino • Starbucks
    JUN 14TH, 11:29AM Kira: Hi sweetie! Me: Hey! How's it going? Kira: Just fine! Hanging in Starbucks at the Indian casino. Is this glamping? Everything okay? Me: Glamping!
    Kira: Good. No particular agenda here. Just enjoying staying cool. 107 yesterday. Might head to cooler climes soon. from this location, she posts this picture of a bobcat in their camp. that picture is from Whitewater Preserve.
  • Julian, CA

    from Kira: Hi Kiddo! Been out of cel reception for a while but want to let you guys know I’m fine. I’ll be messaging you again after the first with some more news. I’m in Julian CA for a few days replacing gear and beating the heat. Hope you guys are fine. Chat soon. Love you both!!!! Jason spoke with her this day, re: announcement
  • Engaged

    Julian California from facebook message to Jason
  • "Before July 1"

    Ed Manning picks them up at Higher Grounds, 54245 N. Circle Dr. , Idyllwild, CA 92549 and figures that they were probably hiding out near there because it is an easy place to be. Employees may remember more.
  • Leaving the trail?

    Kira messages jason on fb saying that they are leaving the desert and moving on. Says she had an accident and hurt her head and hand in a camping mishap. "Starting the journey home with Jim tomorrow. Got some normal clothes and stuff for civilian life." She says they have been off the trail at that point since Idyllwild and headed to San Diego to take care of some things and that she will be back (in SF) around the 10th of July. Kira is seen with a black eye by PCT hikers.
  • Kira is bruised up...

    via chat transcript from Bryan: "(Kira) fell on a tree and now is all bruised up but doing good." no location info.
  • Still on trail

    Says they are still on the trail but not where. No cel service.
  • Big Bear

    some time between 5 and 11 July, Dmitri Lenaerts saw Jay and Kira in Big Bear where they stayed with some trail angels. He had seen them a month earlier in Idyllwild.
  • In the Sierras

    in a text message to Jason Kira says that she is in the Sierras and will be losing cel service for the next four days.
  • back on trail in the sierras

    back on trail in the sierras
    Kira says they are in the Sierras.
  • Kennedy Meadows

    Kennedy Meadows
    Kira sends Jason a text message midday featuring a picture of the Kennedy Meadows population/elevation sign. She also sends him the bobcat image on her facebook page which is said to be the Whitewater preserve.
    *this photo is sourced from the internet!
  • "Out of country"

    "Out of country"
    Jim tells [name redacted] via text that he is deleting facebook and phone, etc will be gone by morning. Also states that he is out of the country after a harrowing trail experience. During this time, we were in very close contact with Kira over the course of a solid week with near daily calls.
  • Tarantulas, 20 mile hike

    Tarantulas, 20 mile hike
    Tarantulas came out for our last big push, a 20 mile night hike with a 30 pd pack. Temps during the day were hazardous but we wanted to go out with a bang. Saw first bear, kangaroo mice, and a bighorn ram. Says they are heading home. (this is the last text message Jason received from kira)
  • waiting on more info

    Hello my name is Sydney and I saw the post on Kira. I last had contact with her on July 21 when she text me she was going off trail, in June she said she was with friends and I was going to meet her in Kennedy Meadows first week in August but didn’t make it so I figured they had headed home. I spent 5 days with them in Idyllwild and never got the impression she was in any trouble though she was very thin but happy we talked extensively about art and the trail.
  • bluebird cottage inn, idyllwild

    bluebird cottage inn, idyllwild
    checked in @ 8:30pm, stayed overnight. signed in as Jay Moon with credit card and signed it. card number confirmed to be Kira's.
  • "late July" near park in Idyllwild

    Ruth via Eric: Gave them a crash place for the night “~month ago“ K&J leaving trail. K, wife of many years couldn’t handle it (K fell and had black eye and looked frail) drove to bus stop for San Bernadino they were going to go back up No. J did all talking: ex-military said K was artist how they ran into some sheriffs doing white supremacy thing and ran J&K from the trail. J was definitely controlling shots & was kinda mean & nasty—spilled some coffee & he snapped at her to go clean herself.
  • a week in Mountain Center

    a week in Mountain Center
    Help came from a Pacific Crest Trail hiker and his wife, who stayed over to help the injured Hewey, Gray said, 24-hours a day for nearly a week at a borrowed stable. A local veterinarian provided salve and antibiotics to help Hewey hopefully recover from his burns, which were far more serious than first thought. The hiker, a retired Navy Corpsman attached to the Marines, who Gray said had no experience with horses, stayed on to help treat the horse hour after hour during the following week.
  • Ashly Corona's parents host Jim/Kira

    Ruth got a call from Ashly who parents hosted Kira and Jim. Early aug .. they said Kira was very withdrawn and scared. But that Jim was charming and they were planning to go to Catalina island. waiting on more info... (timeline would sort of work if parent is Eric?)
  • Paradise Valley Cafe, Mountain Center, CA • (they had already left area by 9th)

    Per Edward Manning: "Kira wanted to hike and camp so they may be in the Sierra were they don't have cell coverage." "trail angel in San Diego County and gave Kira and Jay (Jim) rides in Julian and Idyllwild. The last time I spoke to Jay (Jim) was 8/9/18 they were in Mountain Center, CA (Idyllwild,CA) and were heading to Palm Springs for a couple of days and then were going to catch the train to San Luis Obispo. Stayed on the porch of the cafe for 2 nights went to Marlene's for a few days after.
  • Kira and "Jay" leave Marlene's

    Kira and "Jay" leave Marlene's
    Marlene drops them off in Palm Springs, CA at a Motel 6.
  • more details re whereabouts

    more details re whereabouts
    text via Marlene
    Note: During the time they were at PVC, "Jim" gets into an altercation about firefighter water with owner of real estate biz next to PVC. He is said to be very aggressive. He also trades messages and calls with Neel owner of the PVC using Kira's 415 phone number that is now disconnected.
  • James Moon of Fullerton, CA checks into hotel

    8/7-8/8 they stayed at robinhood resort hotel in big bear lake the hotel clerk recognized the photos on the flyer. they paid cash . Used a cc to reserve it but didn’t use it so it’s not in the system. He said the guy Jim Cerilo saved the room but checked in as he name James MOON.
    The guy said Jim said he was from Fullerton. Robinhood Resort
    (800) 990-9956
    (909) 866-4643
    40797 Big Bear Blvd.
    PO Box 1881
    Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
  • Edward Manning speaks to Jay on the phone

    via: Edward Manning TA Ghost Jay (Jim) Cerio 808-861-5446. This number goes to a voicemail. Outgoing message is same man Jason spoke with. Edward gives us Marlene's number to followup.
  • "On way home"

    "On way home"
    from Palm Springs? to ??? Nothing makes sense in these days...
  • Kira's last facebook post

    Kira's last facebook post
    No mention of location, but images are from Mountain Center, CA where she stayed helping with fire evacuees.
  • Bus tickets purchased

    Bus tickets purchased
    2 tickets from Anaheim to San Jose. Email confirmation forwarded to me from Kira.
  • "Almost home"

    "Almost home"
    Marlene receives text from Jim—None of what he says seems true, or can be confirmed. Ends this exchange with a shitty meme.
  • Megabus travel Anaheim to San Jose

    They are dropped off in San Jose at 2:25am. They took local buses to Monterey.
  • Jim texts Marlene with photos

    Jim texts Marlene with photos
  • Jim says he has been in the hospital

    Jim says he has been in the hospital
    A veterans hospital possibly in Riverside. No confirmation at all. [Marlene says he is extremely knowledgeable of the palm desert area, that he had to have had roots there.]
  • Big Sur to Morro Bay

    Megan picks them up hitchhiking and drops them near Morro Bay
  • ???? Back on Trail ???

    ???? Back on Trail ???
    Jim texts "we just got off the pct and will be back there in a few days" when speaking via his phone, she says she is "fine", does not acknowledge our concern and seems that she is reading off a script and repeating herself a lot. Sends me pictures from his phone that contain no EXIF data and can be from any time on the trail. Photo attached is ~40 miles north of BB/~350mi south of Kennedy Meadows, not in sierras. TPM notes that her boots and clothes are clean, so this is likely old pic.
  • Campsite Image • Greenhorn Mtn Pk? Whitney Portal Pk?

    Campsite Image • Greenhorn Mtn Pk? Whitney Portal Pk?
    Sent 9/4 from 808 Jim #.
    TPM is sure that this campsite is NOT on the PCT—he doesn't recognize it.
    This image may actually be a very recent photo.
    *those tables in the last picture are old CCC tables- Kern County uses them at Tehachapi Mountain Park ( wouldn't have those trees) and at Greenhorn Mountain (which has those trees but is not on the PCT).*chris Kira says this shot is from a Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground.
  • Map • Possible Movement 8/6–9/4

    Map • Possible Movement 8/6–9/4
    following up with FD and forest service/campgrounds.
    *No sighting at Greenhorn Mountain Park. Call in to Whitney Portal. We now now that they had gone coastal and were in and around BIg Sur and San Luis Obispo during this time.
  • Possible Jim information

    I got a message today from a woman who is pretty damn sure she remembers Jim from around two years ago when he lived in an encampment behind the grocery shopping center that's since been razed in Palm Desert.
  • KIRA IS SAFE!!!!

    Brave and badass Kira eludes Jim in Morro Bay, CA by planning her escape from a Safeway. She runs to a nearby urgent care clinic and 911 is immediately called. Cops arrest Jim leaving the safeway.