Khubilai Khan: Ruler or the Yuan Dynasty

  • Jan 1, 1271

    Khubilai Khan Creates Yuan Dynsaty

    Khubilai Khan unified China under Mongolian rule known as the Yuan Dynasty. Khubilai wanted to win the trust of his Chinese citizens, so he changed his name to Zhiyuan and moved his capital to the former Jurched Capital Zhongdu.
  • Period: Sep 12, 1271 to Sep 12, 1275

    Law of Khubalai Khan

    Khubilai did not abolish the Chinese Law. Instead he slightly modified it to be a more consistent system of laws and punishments based on some of the Mongol Laws. He also divided the empire into provinces which made them easier to tax and govern.
  • Sep 12, 1273

    Khubalai reintroduces Bank Notes

    Khubilai expanded use of paper money in order to improve commerce in China. He reintroduced the use of paper money known bu introducing bank notes known as Chao.This increased the efficiency of merchants trading along the silk road.
  • Period: Sep 12, 1275 to Sep 12, 1285

    Khubalai Restores Chinese Landmarks

    Khubilai appointed the Administration of Pacification in order to develop a strong relationship with the Han Dynasty. These pacification commissioners started projects that restored public buildings and Temples throughout China.
  • Aug 31, 1276

    Khubilai Captures the Song Dynsaty

    Khubalai Khan conquers the southern Song Dynasty. For the first time all of the Chinese Dynasties become one civilization instead of several different Chinese countries.