keystone pipeline

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  • first keystone pipe

    The first Keystone pipeline is attracted to enter Seward County, crossing the well protection zone. A new group called Seward Nationals on the Pipeline Commission is investigating the proposed new route and presenting its findings to the Seward City Council.
  • the league of women

    The League of Women Voters of Seward County has two municipal forums the first on the eminent domain and environmental impact of an oil pipeline the second in pipeline safety with presentations from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, TransCanada, the National Pipeline Safety Trust
  • The US department release its final environmental impact

    The analysis of the Keystone pipeline routes did not recognize the area as a high consequence area because the area was not located or identified on the US department of transportation maps. The people of the route tell the committee that the maps that they were using are out of date
  • Legislative Bill 1

    The major oil Pipeline sitting act passed during a special session.
  • The Kruse safety trust conference

    Jon and Bonnie Kruse meet the vice-president of safety Vern Meier to talk about the Seward Wellhead Protection area, Vern Meier talk to them and said that the protection areas cannot be avoided every time and it was a big decision for him.
  • Oil spill

    The TransCanada corporation Keystone Pipeline spill 16,800 gallons near South Dakota, the cause was a crack in a grid weld
  • Trump elected presinden

    During his campaign Donald Trump said several times that he would approve Keystone XL if elected.
  • TransCanada Submits an Application to Nebraska public service

    There was an application available to the public to be able to see the routes and the alternative routes of the Keystone Pipeline, but the Public service request to view the governing bodies of the countries and municipals around the route.
  • Online sitre

    The public service commission upon an accesible online site to the public to let the people know what is happening with the keystone pipeline.
  • The Seward country league

    The group of women voters approve the study of the drinking water in Nebraska.
  • Keystone Mainline Alternative routes

    TransCanada has in mind the option to build the Keystone Pipeline base on profit.
  • Second oil spill

    The keystone Pipeline leaked 210,000 gallons of tar sands dil bit neat Amherst, South Dakota. The pipeline was shut down within 15 minutes of the leak's discovery.
  • The Keystone Pipeline gets government support

    Trump sings a presidential memorandum clearing the way for the US government to reconsider ate Keystone Pipeline XL but suggest the US intents to renegotiate the terms of the project. He also signs an order requiring American Pipelines to be built with US steel.