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Key Events of Human Rights in Canada

  • BNA Act or now referred to as the Constitutional Act

  • Women over the age of 21 may now vote in federal elections in Canada

  • Ontario enacts the Racial Discrimination Act

  • Universal Declaration is signed by UN with Canadian John Humphrey playing a large role in the creation of this document

  • PM John Diefenbaker brings in the Canadian Bill of RIghts

  • UN General Assembly create the "International BIll of Rights"

  • All Canadians were given the right to recieve services in French and English at all federal institutions

  • Criminal Code makes it a crime to take part in genocide or publicly incitehatred against people because of their colour, race, religion, or ethnic identity

  • Canadian government enacts the Canadian Human Rights Act, also Quebec enacts Charte de la langue française

  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms becomes part of Canada's constitution