Key developments from the 1960's to the present day

By sylvo10
  • Package holidays

    first ever known package holiday was in 1949 and was organised by vladimir ratioz, The package holiday inclues accomation and travel.
    many compines carry on doing package holidays because it ment customers could take more then £50 in sterling out of the country, most commoon places for package holidays were places such as spain and the islands surrounding it (canary islands etc...)
  • Reservations and bookings

    As the demand for travel grew reservations departments were introduced, with the help of comptuers tour operators and airlines made there own software to deal with the demand, eventually these systems were linked to travel agenices, this means travel agents could book holidays and get everything ready for the customer before they left the ground.
  • Development of tourism act 1969

    tourism act established a british tourist authority and tourist boards for England, scotland and wales.
    the Act was to aim at co-ordinate all the organisation that make up the tourism sector and provide it with a single voice, since the act was passed the responsibility for tourism funding and development in scotland and wales has been devolved to teh scottish parilment and the welsh assembly.
  • Transport act 1980

    licensing regulations affecting express coach routes and tours of over 30 miles, this led to the competition between private companys and the national bus services, this bought about wholesale deregulation this means private compaines could operate on any route.
  • package travel, package holidays and package tours regulations 1992

    any travel agents that sell package holidays have to follow this act, these regulations are to their customers and what those customers can do.
  • Air passenger duty

    air passenger duty was reduced on economy flights, removing a barrier to the growth of inbound tourism. in 2006 it was greatly increased, further increases have been planned from 2011 november causing controversy in the industry.
  • Destination Development

    As more and more tourists travel the world, more and more goverments plough into attracting tourists from overseas, Dubai did this by ploughing their money into hotels and accomdation now Dubai has a number of 5-6 star hotels which are recommed to go and visit.
  • On-line check-in for airlines

    this means passengers could check-in when their not even at the airport they could check-in at home or the office, from there they would chose their seats and prinit off their boarding passes.
    this is used by most airlines use this to reduce qeues at airports.
  • Self check-in at airports

    when this system got introduced passengers could save time by checking-in them selfs, passengers could also chose where they wanted to be seated and prinit their own borading pass, from checking-in they then go to 'fast bag drop off' and leave their baggage can go straight to the borading gate.
  • Super planes

    in 2007 Airbus made the biggest airliner ever seen in aircraft history they named it the A-380 this airliner could carry 555-800 passengers at one time, the problem with this airliner was runways had to be made longer due to how big this was.
    Boeing made a aircraft to keep in the market but they didnt make theres the biggest they made theirs to fly longer and cheaper theuy named it the dreamliner it can fly from the UK to hawaii non stop where most other aircraft would have to stop in america