Kevin Love's road to NBA.

  • Highscool

    beastin his sophmore year he averaged 25.3 PPG, 15.4 Rebounds per game, and 3.7 assists per game!
  • State!

    He led the lake Oswego Lakers to the state championship game, but they lost to Jesuit Highschool 57-53.
  • Junior year!

    Junior year!
    hihe averaged 28 PPg 16.1 Rebounds per game, and 3.5 assists a game!
  • State again!

    State again!
    Kevin love led the lakers with 24 points 9 reb. to defeat south Medford for the state championship!
  • Senior year!

    Senior year!
    He averaged 33.9 PPg 17 rebounds a game and 4 assists a game!
  • State yet again!

    State yet again!
    This time The laker's were defeated by south Medford 58-54. Kevin love had 37 points in the loss.
  • Award!

    He is awarded the Gatorade National player of the year award!
  • College

    scola link earlyHe played for UCLA!
  • More College

    More College
    He helped them get to the final four but they lost to memphis.
  • Draft

    He was selected 5th overall by Memphis, but was traded on draft night to the Minesota timberwolves for O.J Mayo.
  • rookie season

    rookie season
    He played in NBA summer leauge. He made NBA rookie second team. Finished in sixth place for rookie of the year voting.
  • 2nd year!

    2nd year!
    was out the first two weeks of the season. Not much standing out decent season but hurt quite a bit.
  • International!

    He helped the 2010 USA team win the Gold.
  • 3rd year!

    3rd year!
    bossHad a 30 point 30 rebound game was only the 19th player to do that. He also had the longest double double streak since the ABA and NBA merger.He averaged a leauge beast 15 rebounds a game and 20.2 points per game. And also won the most improved player award!
  • This year!

    This year!
    loveHe got a 4 year 60-62 million dollar contract extension. He got suspended 2 games for stepping on someones face. hit his first buzzer beater to beat the clippers, He is averaging 25 points and 13.7 rebounds a game this year.