Keaton Carpenter Genocide Timeline

Timeline created by Keaton_Carpenter
  • Schutzstaffel Organized

    This was a group that were Hitler's bodyguards and was made up of only pure Aryan Germans. People affected- All of the primary targets like Jews,Romas and more were affected because this group was put in charge of creating concentration camps for them to be in.
  • St. Louis Ship

    This was a German ship carrying more than 900 Jewish refugees on a voyage somewhere else and it was denied docking in multiple countries. People affected- Jewish people were affected because they were out of Germany and on their way to Cuba. But they were denied entry and the ship went back to Germany so they were right back to where they started.
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor

    Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany giving him a good amount of control in German society. People affected- All of the target groups this is because now Hitler has the power to oppress them. The first group to be oppressed was the Jews.
  • Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases

    This law says that Germany is mandated to cleanse society of certain individuals with physical or mental handicaps. People affected-People with mental or physical disabilities were the main target of this law and it meant that they had to be cleansed from society.
  • Law against Dangerous Habitual Criminals

    The new law allows courts to order the indefinite imprisonment of “habitual criminals” if they deem the person dangerous to society. It also provides for the castration of sex offenders. People affected- German Homosexuals because this law counted them as sex offender so they could be jailed for sleeping with the same gender.
  • Nuremberg Laws

    This law basically forbidden any connection between Jews and Germans. People affected- At first it was the Jews being pushed away from German society but later the laws would expand to Romas and other groups like Afro-Germans being disconnected from Germans.
  • Nazi’s Occupy Rhineland

    Adolf Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles and moves his military into the Rhinelands which was a demilitarized zone.People affected- All of Hitler's future targets were affected because Hitler expanded his military further out making it easier for him to capture more land. Which means he can capture more of his targets.
  • Reichszentrale is created

    This was a group that wanted to bring back the persecution of homosexuals and collect data about them. People affected -The homosexuals were affected because they were at the risk of being persecuted and or other punishments.
  • Kristallnacht/The Night of Broken Glass

    This was when German people set out to vandalize and loot Jewish buildings. People affected-The Jews were affected because they lost their properties and lost belongings.
  • The Einsatzgruppen Starts

    These were mobile killing squads that was set out to murder Jews and it was made up of Nazis. Hitler then eventually saw that this method of killing was too slow. People affected- The Jews were affected because they would be lined up in ditches and were than shot.
  • Germany Invades Poland

    The German army invades Poland even after France and England told them of they did they would declare war. People affected- All of Hitler's future primary targets were affected because since Hitler invaded Poland they are now under his control.
  • Yellow Star for German Jews

    Jews were required to wear yellow stars in order to be identified in the streets. People affected- The Jews were directly affected this is because they were forced to wear yellow stars and if they didn't wear them they would killed.
  • Madagascar Plan presented

    This was a plan made by the Nazis to relocate all the Jews to Madagascar. People affected- The Jews would have been affected because they would have been deported to another country.
  • Lodz Ghetto Opens

    The Lodz ghetto was opened in Poland and was meant for Polish Jews and Roma.People affected- The Polish Jews and Roma were affected because they were confined in a small space with about 3 people in a room. They also had to pay for everything by themselves and they had one Jew represent the whole ghetto.
  • Auschwitz Opens

    The concentration camp Auschwitz opened in Poland causing threat to the targeted groups. People affected- All primary targets of Hitler for example Jews,Romas and others.
  • The Commisair Order

    This was a order released from the Germans. It stated that people they captured were to be shot out of principle. People affected-Soviet Union POWs this is because they were killed in mass numbers not just because of the war policy but because of the Nazi party racial policy.
  • Wannsee Conference

    This was a meeting of Nazi officials meet to discuss the details of the “Final Solution” also known as the Holocaust. People affected- Primarily the Jew were affected by this meeting because it set up the Holocaust but also other groups like the Romas who were also affected by the Holocaust.
  • Creation of the Zigeunerlager

    This was a Gypsy camp that got deported to Auschwitz. People affected-Romas because they were deported to the Auschwitz Concentration Camps.
  • Dr Josef Mengele arrives at Auschwitz

    Dr Josef Mengele arrives at the Auschwitz concentration camp. People affected- Primarily Jews this is because they were tested on by Mengle.
  • Himmler Orders Liquidation of ghettos

    Himmler ordered that all ghettos were to be abandoned in order to try and cover up the genocide in Europe. People affected-Everyone who lives in ghettos were then forced to move to concentration camps.
  • Last Gassing at Auschwitz

    Heinrich Himmler ordered that the gassings at Auschwitz were to be stopped. This was also apart of Himmlers attempt to cover up the evidence of a genocide. People affected- The prisoners of Auschwitz were given some hope that they could keep their lives since gassings were over at Auschwitz.
  • Himmler Orders Destruction of Auschwitz

    SS chief Heinrich Himmler ordered hat Auschwitz to be destroyed. This is because the Soviet Union was getting close to Auschwitz and he wanted to cover up the evidence of the Nazis genocide. People affected- All of the groups that were in Auschwitz had to leave the concentration camp and march to Loslau.
  • Liberation of Auschwitz

    The Soviet army entered Auschwitz and liberated more than 7,000 remaining prisoners, who were mostly ill and dying.People affected-All of the prisoners in the camp are released from Auschwitz but some people were liberated by the Soviets but unfortunately around 60,000 prisoners had to march from Auschwitz to the west.
  • Hitler Commits Suicide

    Hitler kills himself by shooting himself. People affected- All of the groups that were targeted in the genocide were given closure that Hitler was dead and it also gave a sense of justice.
  • International Military Tribunal

    Germany, begins a trial of 21 major Nazi German leaders on charges of crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and conspiracy to commit each of these crimes. People affected- The survivors of the Holocaust were granted with the Justice they wanted and deserved.
  • Adolf Eichmann is Captured

    Adolf Eichmann who was a Nazi war criminal was captured to be tried for war crimes in Israel. People affected- All of Hitler's primary targets were gifted with closer that Eichmann was found and is getting punished.
  • Dr Josef Mengele Dies

    Dr Josef Mengele dies of a stroke while swimming. People affected- Really nobody since he died after the war ended. But it did bring closure to the Jews knowing that he was dead.
  • Period: to

    Boycott of Jewish Businesses

    Hitler ordered that the people of Germany will boycott Jewish businesses. People affected-The Jewish people took a big economical hit.
  • Period: to

    Babi Yar

    The Babi Yar massacre took place in Ukraine and about 34,000 Jewish people were slaughtered. Groups affected-Jewish people because they were killed and targeted in the area